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Naked Unicorn

Introducing Toi McMullen: Erotica Poet, Artist, Author and Content Creator!

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Bennierosevelt Erotica: Threesome. Check out there OnlyFans for more!

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Kopper Kitten

A BlkTouch alumni from our 4th scene shares her incredible self portraits! Check out her OnlyFans and IG for more!!!

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One Last Time

A fan shares her story of the last time with her ex...break up sex!

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Tantric Love

Tonight I will finally be receiving what I have been anticipating all damn day. Juices will be flowing and pain just the way I like will be…

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BlkTales 008

Listen to the first few minutes of her reconnecting with a long distance lover.

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Peace and Plenty

the feel of two pairs of lips on my body was so unexpected. I had to open my eyes to make sure this wasn't the fabrication of some fantasy.…

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Game Day

My plans was to go to this football game, eat some wings with the ladies and hopefully scope out some nice eye candy. Never in a millions…

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The Pledge

Tonight it finally goes down! I know it will be all worth it in the end but damn the build-up and anticipation was almost to much for a…

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Photos: Karma Eve

Erotic Spoken Word Artist, Writer, blogger and Author

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When She Likes to be Punished

Here are a series of BDSM demos by SirPhoenix Black. A lifestyle Dom and educator demonstrating both fire and impact play.

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BlkTales 006

A Moon Light Serenade: Story written and narrated by Ebbon Brock

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Wet and Wild

A weekly get together among friends takes an unexpected turn as sexual tension rises, friends cross boundaries and inhibitions are drowned…

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BlkPhotos 001

Here we have our first photo set submission from beautiful JuJu. Featuring a few shots of her in lingerie as well as an intricate shibari…

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Bull City Escapades – Part I

This college girl heard the rumors and was ready to find out the truth for herself.

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BlkTales 005

Here's a tantalizing account of the birth of Duchess Cashmere. She masterfully tells the story of the first time a man ever nutted in her…

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Lola shares an encounter with her lover/dom that leads to her bent over with her panties around her ankles begging him to give her what she…

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BlkTales 004

Listen as she recalls the sensation of giving a oral pleasure on her birthday. Short and sweet. You can still hear the excitement in her…

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BlkTales 003

A poem about some early morning lust. Have you ever woke up to the feeling of two fingers swimming inside you? Hear her tell it from her…

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Filling the Void

After almost a year of solitude a chance encounter leads to a first date where she has to decide if things are going to fast or if she's…

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Double Pleats

Sometimes working with an old friend can be more fun than you expect. When flirting and teasing blurs boundaries she makes a proposal but…

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BlkTales 002

Discipline... Could you go a week without reaching your peak? Her Daddy forbid from coming until she saw him again...

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BlkTales 001

She shares a sensual exchange with her lover. Listen as she explains how his tongue takes her to new heights.

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Room For Two

I wasn't prepared for what happened next. I felt the tip of another dick on my lips. Oh my. Babe had really made this happen.

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Lunch Break

You do not let up though...kissing them one at a time and sucking my lips into your mouth. It's almost like you're french kissing my pussy.

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How to Deal with Jealousy

I have been non-monogamous for six years. In that time I have struggled with A LOT of jealousy. I wish I could say that it goes away.

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Meeting in the A

He paid special attention to my ass, pulling and pushing.  Dribbling a little more oil into the crack he pulled my cheeks apart

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