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Late Nights, Early Flights

My phone buzzed, bringing me out of my fantasy. I reached for my phone and saw him calling. I
cleared my throat and tried to calm my breathing before answering. “Hello?”
“You’re not starting without me, are you?” his husky voice cooed on the other end.


The Wait is Over (Part1&2)

My legs were wide as they could go & I began to quiver as I pushed the thick dick inside. I heard something loud come from the hall, assuming it was Nick fumbling around in his room, I began pumping faster….


Goddess Series: Book 1 – Kali

What happens when you return to the place that you ran from but the invitation of debauchery is so sweet that you can’t resist? That’s what happens in this short tale of when a woman walks into the presence of the Goddess Kali. (FF)



Sometimes after a long day, a good pet can make everything better.


Off Limits

I knew he was off limits. I also knew there was a sexual attraction between us. What made it even hotter was that he was married and though I’m not a violator. I couldn’t get the thought out my head. He was such a good guy, but I also knew he was unhappy.


First Night

Since we are not going out I chose to be comfortable in some jeans and a t-shirt but made sure to have the YSL cologne on that would make her melt once she smelled me. I opened the door for her and we embraced for the first time. Nothing big, a hug and hello but it was enough to make my dick jump just a little finally touching her for the first time.


Wetter than Before

Walking to the door so many thoughts race through my mind, “what does he want to talk about”, “what should I say” “why did he want to see me so urgently?”


Tantric Love

Kisses from his lips all over my face send tremors that trace the deep space between my heart and my pussy until I become ripe with anticipation to feel his mouth all over my body. Still fully clothed, my legs become weak and my pussy begins to pulsate and throb, opening her lips like the petals of a flower and moistening my crotch with her holy nectar.


Wrong Number

Why did I do that?  Why did I give this stranger my number?  I should have just told him that he reached the wrong number and hung up.  Am I this lonely that I am subconsciously prolonging a conversation with a stranger? 


Meeting Stephen

I was seated so the view of the door was unobstructed.  A few minutes before seven, the door opened and Stephen walked in. I knew it was him from the description he gave, but I was not prepared for how devastatingly handsome he was.

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