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Late Nights, Early Flights

It was like I could feel strong hands exploring my body. Warm, smooth, and big. Arching my
back, my body slithered slowly against the silk sheets as I imagined his hands brushing against
my neck, cupping my breasts, caressing my stomach and then finally resting over my sex. A
slight moan slipped from my lips, and I could feel her warmth oozing through my shorts.
My hands started moving to unbutton my pajama top. The cold air passed through, hardening
my nipples. I swirled my finger around one of them, watching it swell even more. I bit my bottom
lip as I imagined him lying beneath me, his hands massaging my breasts, fingers tugging at my
nipples, hard dick pressing against me.
My poor pajama shorts. They were sopping up my juices as I became more and more aroused.
If my imagination could get me this worked up, I wonder how it’ll be when the time comes for
him to actually touch me.
My phone buzzed, bringing me out of my fantasy. I reached for my phone and saw him calling. I
cleared my throat and tried to calm my breathing before answering. “Hello?”
“You’re not starting without me, are you?” his husky voice cooed on the other end.
I caught my breath at the sound of his voice. My pussy jumped eagerly. I looked down at her like
I would a misbehaving child. “W-what are you talking about?” I stuttered.
He let out a deep sigh. “You don’t have to stop on my account…you like to be watched, right?”
I froze. My heart was beating so loud and hard, I was wondering if he could hear it over the
phone. Just mere minutes before, I was wondering if we were finally at the point of turning up
the heat in our dating. Now, I’m pressing the FT button to show him my wet ass pussy on his
phone screen.
He accepted the call immediately, and we both stared back at each other smiling. “So you want
to watch, hm?” I purred. I sat up in my bed, positioning my phone in front of me with a pillow
behind it for support. His eyes widened as he took in this angle of me with my pajama blouse
opened, breasts out and legs spread apart. I placed a couple of pillows behind my back to keep
me propped up.
“Yes,” he breathed. “Damn, you’re beautiful.”
Holding my legs up, I slipped my shorts from under my ass and over my legs to throw them on
the ground. I leaned back and let my legs fall back into their original position, revealing my bare
pussy against the silk sheets. “Tell me you like what you see.”
He nodded as he propped his phone up against something, “Hell yea, you look good as fuck.”
He was shirtless, showing his tight chest and torso. His hard dick pressed against the fabric of
his gray sweatpants as he sat back on his home office chair.
I smiled. “I definitely did start without you,” I let my hands slide around my body, squeezing one
of my breasts in one hand, and rubbing my pussy with the other. “This sexual tension has been
killing me.” I moaned.
He licked his lips slightly. I could see his eyes darting from my breasts to my glossy core then to
my face. His dick was damn near having a seizure with how often it jumped in his sweats. I
desperately wanted to feel its warmth in my mouth. He put a hand over his bulge, stroking
slowly. “Trust me, I understand. I’ll be back in town this weekend, I promise.”
I groaned. “That’s so far,” I pouted. “She needs attention.” My fingers slowly circled my swollen
bud, and a soft moan slipped from my lips. I could hear his breathing become ragged, and I
watched as he slid his sweatpants down to reveal his rock hard dick.
“She has my attention,” he whispered. “It’s all yours.”
My fingers slipped and slid up and down the slippery slope of my pussy, audibly giving away my
arousal. She enjoyed being the center of attention, and my body shivered in anticipation of the
performance that was to come. I could feel my arousal pooling beneath me onto my sheets as
my fingers moved up and down my clit.
“Tell me how that pussy tastes,” he groaned, slowly massaging his own arousal at the tip of his
I slipped one finger inside me and let out a deep sigh, fluttering my eyes closed. Slowly, I pulled
out my finger and brought it to my mouth. My eyes opened and locked eyes with his as I sucked
the sweet nectar from my finger, making sure to bob my head up and down as if I was sucking
him instead. “She tastes so fucking good,” I purred.
“Fuck,” he said. He rubbed his tip a few moments more before moving up and down the entire
shaft. “Show me how you want me to fuck you.”
Rubbing my breasts with one hand, I slid my fingers back between my lips and pushed two
inside of me. My body jolted with excitement as I thrusted inside my gushy core. I moaned
loudly and gyrated my hips against my hand, dipping my head back at the delicious pleasure
coursing through my body.
“Uh uh, keep that head up. Don’t you dare break eye contact with me,” he instructed, as his
hands pumped up and down at mixed speeds. His lips parted and he let out groans as he jerked
his dick harder while massaging his balls simultaneously.
I obeyed and held his gaze as I finger fucked my pussy. The warmth of my arousal leaked down
my hand as I ferociously thrusted inside of me. At this point, beneath me was warm and wet as
my pussy gushed and spat out. I brought my other hand down to DJ my swollen clit, and felt my
eyes rolling to the back of my head.
“Look at me!” he groaned louder. My eyes shot back to his intense gaze, and I could see we
were both ready to bust.
I moaned, “ Fuck, I’m ‘bout to cum so good!”
“Yes, baby! Tell me where you want me to shoot this nut,” he said. I dipped my head back,
making sure to keep eye contact and opened my mouth wide. Within seconds, he tightly held
himself as his cum shot out like a loose canon, beautifully oozing down his thick veins.
My body jerked erratically and without warning, my orgasm sprayed outwardly, soaking my
phone and sheets before me. My legs gave out and fell to the bed as I slumped against the
A few moments of silence passed as we caught out breaths. I picked up my soaked phone, and
thanked God it was waterproof. We smiled at each other, shyly.
“Just booked my flight. I’ll be back in town tomorrow,” he grinned.

Leandra Desinord

Therapist & Coach. Sultry Scribe of Pleasure. I transport readers to a world where fantasies become reality and inhibitions dissolve in the heat of passion.
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