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Waking Up

She was asleep and I was still up… Once again!
And she was looking so beautiful under those covers. It would have been cruel of me to wake her up
from that sleep.
But I desired her. That body, its curves, the way she tasted, the way she sounded…
How could I not think about raising her up from her sleep?

During her work shift, she’d wake me up sounding so sexy in my ear, calling me from work. She’d let out
a few moans in between sentences, claiming to be stretching. With every moan, I just thought about
stretching her legs out all the way up to her ears, so we could both have a view of me slow stroking her.

And then when I was working my shift, she kept sending me text messages describing each wave of
climax she experienced the last time I had my face buried in her pussy, as my tongue painted her
delicious pain and pleasure. Finding myself tapping my foot on the floor nervously, restraining myself
from leaving to go home.

And of course, she would also send pictures and videos too. A nip slip picture here and there and a little
upskirt video while she was out and about. Making it even more excruciating to be working this job.

But she would already be fast asleep when I got home.

Unfortunately, our schedules were irregular. She worked early in the morning and had to wake up at 4am
to leave while I finished work late at 11pm. My commute was an hour long so I would be home at
Midnight, and she was already asleep.

So, when I entered that room, after an entire day of being teased and stimulated, I felt bad looking at
her, knowing that she had to get up in less than 4 hours and head back to work and make my life
miserable during the day.
I felt bad because I was at the bottom of that bed, in my underwear, raising those covers, parting her
legs, my hands caressing the outside of her thighs as my beard brushed against the inside of them. When
I reached where her legs met and connected, I noticed she was wearing panties. I smiled and I began
licking through those panties, wanting to make a mess.

I wanted to hear those moans that she was making in between sentences in the morning, with less
words and more moans.

And like the Goddess she was, she blessed me with those sounds as she laid hands on top of my head
and then pulled her panties to the side to give me easy access to that sweet pussy, I only had the chance
of seeing in pictures and videos throughout the day.
And the mess I began to paint was a noisy one, adding to the music of her moans that surrounded the
room. Her wetness became louder because I loved eating her out with my mouth open. Her moans got
louder because she was about to reach that first climax…

And I stopped.

I got up, removing the covers and exposing her in just a bra and panties.

Her breathing, ragged, she asked, “What happened? Why did you stop?”

I smiled and said, “You tortured me all day. You don’t get to nut just yet.”

She licked her lips and removed her panties and then removed her bra. My boxers, soaked with precum
showed that my dick was hard and ready. I removed them and made my way to her on the King size bed
like a lion ready to mate. I kissed her, my beard still soaked with her juices. I then kissed her chin and
cheeks. I then kissed and licked her neck while one finger circled around her pussy. And then I reached
my target as I licked, kissed and sucked on her nipple. I focused on her breasts while my fingers practiced
that Spanish Guitar Toni Braxton sang about. She joined in the music with her moans. Her hands
caressing the back of my head while I was intimate with her nipples.

The words “Yes” came strong as my fingers moved faster, in and out of her. She reached for my hardened
girth stroking me as I continued to increase her euphoria and pleasure. She kissed the top my head, and I
stopped focusing on her breasts. I removed my fingers from her pussy and placed them in my mouth,
tasting her, while I looked in her eyes.

I moved on top of her and began kissing her, moving my hips, trying to blindly enter her. She got
impatient and pushed against my hips to stop me. She held on to my dick and guided me in. As the head
broke the skin, she gasped, taking in her breath as I pushed in slowly inside. The beautiful feeling of her
walls embracing my dick every time I moved in, not wanting to let go as I moved out, was intoxicating.

I started long stroking, slowly at first causing her to inhale loudly from her mouth and exhale slowly,
matching my strokes. But this level of control could not be kept. The effect she had on me got me
excited. Her breathing and sound made me want more.
I started to move in faster. With every movement of my hips, you heard clapping, and her moans matched the cadence. Her nails digging on my back, I kept moving and moving and felt my eruption coming close.
I stopped and moved back, taking the position of a sniper and returned to pleasuring her with my
mouth. I didn’t want to cum too quick. I wanted this to last.
She, on the hand, came hard, with both her legs shaking. I stopped and watched the contortion on her face with her eyes closed, while her hands gripped the sheets and her back arched. I smiled as she tried to catch her breath and regain her composure. I flipped her around, putting her on her stomach. I grabbed her hips and pulled her in towards me. I teased her pussy with my dick for a little bit before entering her again. We resumed the clapping. Her moans again, joining the claps her cheeks made against me. It didn’t take long.
I was about to cum and because she already did, I was ready to join her. I felt my eruption and announced it,
repeatedly, “I’m cumin! I’m cumin!”
She screamed, “Cum inside me, baby!” And those magic words, produced the euphoric feeling as I emptied my load inside her.
I collapsed next to her, sweaty. She collapsed on her stomach, looking at me. A silence settled between
us. I was smiling, she wasn’t. She just kept looking intensely and then said, “Fuck! Now I must call in sick

Robert Mulolo

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