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Cameron Loves Mia: Daddy’s Home



Cameron walks in, carrying a small black bag in one hand and a box under the other arm, mildly struggling to hold the door open.

“Need help?”
“Nah, I’m good, baby. Stay there.”

Mia stays in her loveseat, one earbud dangling from her ear, as she rests her eyes from the laptop in front of her. He walks into the living room with the box, handing it to her on his way into the kitchen.

“You good, baby?” He asks.

“Yeah,” she says, sitting the box to the side, “Try’na finish my research for this damn midterm. How was it?”

“It was aight, slow. Want one?” He stands in front of the open refrigerator, holding up a clear glass bottle.

“I’m good, baby.” She says, then looks again. “Wait, wine coolers? When’d you get those?”

“I’m tired of beer,” he replies, closing the fridge and making his way to her, taking a seat next to her feet. She moves her legs to place her feet on his lap, and closes her laptop, removing her earbuds and sitting them both on the floor.

“For real, how’d it go?” She asks.

“It was fine, baby,” he replies pensively, as he twists the cap off of his beverage.

“Cam,” she says again. He knows that look. He sighs.

“I’on know, Mia. I mean, I’m glad I finally got published but… I’on know. It’s just not what I expected.”

“That’s what happens when you write a novel in the ‘information era,’ Cam. I told you, people don’t like to read anymore. They like pictures,” she says, crossing her eyes as she mimicks scrolling on her phone. He chuckles.

“I know, it’s just… well, you LOVE to read.”

“Yes, I do,” she agrees.

“So, wouldn’t you go to your favorite author’s book signing?” He asks.

“Hell yeah, if she weren’t dead,” she laughs.

“I’m serious, Mia. Only two people showed up today. TWO.” He says, clearly feeling defeated as he takes a sip of his much needed glass of relaxation.

“Did they take selfies?” She asks. “First thing, every time,” he answers. “Did you TALK to them at least?”

“Never got the chance. One wanted his signed for his mom, the other brought her lil’ funky-ass girlfriends back there to take pictures and left. Hoes didn’t even grab a fuckin’ copy,” he says, shaking his head.


“I KNOW, I’m sorry, I just… I mean shit, Mia. The fuck I’m ‘posed to do ’bout sales?”

“Baby… How many days you have your signing at The Grove now?” She asks.

“Five. Five days.” He states.

“And how many people came to your first two signings?” She asks, trying to prove a point.

“I mean, you were THERE-” he stops. Suddenly, something clicks, and he curses his lack of hindsight.

“Shit, baby,” he says, giving himself a light face-palm. “Yeeeah,” she replies, over-exaggerating a head nod. “Three. Should’a made it three days,” he says.
“The magic number is always three.”

“Jesus’s comeback: three days. Told ya,” she chuckles, patting his hand. She gets up, grabbing the box he handed to her, and walks to their bedroom. He watches her walk for a moment, her

curvy frame draped in a sheer black nightgown, her curly hair loosely swaying across her shoulderblades. He’s always admired how gorgeous and intuitive she was. He appreciates the view, and follows her to the bedroom, drink in hand.

Mia takes a seat on the bed, and pulls out a box-cutter from the nightstand next to her. Cameron finishes his cooler, entering just in time for her to finish opening the box.

“Check this out,” she says, setting the blade aside and opening the cardboard flaps to reveal something wrapped in brown paper, tied together by a piece of hemp rope.

“Aww shit, whatchu get now?” He asks, taking a seat next to her on the bed. “Boy, just open the damn thing,” Mia chuckles.

He tears the paper, pulling the rope off and setting it aside. Inside is a smooth, dark leather journal, with ‘Brookes’ branded in gold on the spine.

“Oh… baby, this looks-” “Turn it over,” she tells him.

He turns the journal over and reads the small branded letters on the back. He pauses for a few moments, running his thumb over the gold print. His voice softens.

“How’d you do this?”

“Remember the wedding card your mom wrote? After she passed, I decided to put everything she ever gave us in the safe with the deed and stuff. I saw you were losing hope so I got someone to customize this for you.”

Near the bottom of the journal, it read:
“Go on, my little songbird. Show Mama you can fly.” B.B.
He recites a quote he’s heard a thousand times:
“‘You never gone’ grow without a lil’ bit o’ rain, so when the storm come-‘” “‘-all ya gotta do is sang.’” Mia finishes the saying with him.

“Beebee loved the hell outta some gold, too. Her bedroom looked like a damn pawn shop.” She chuckles again; She was never really good at comforting. He silently chokes back tears; up until this moment, he never thought he could be more grateful for the woman he married.

“Baby… thank you. For real, this is-”

“Oh, shut up. Here,” she takes the journal and puts it back in its box, setting it on the nightstand next to her.

Mia replaces the journal Cameron once held with a neatly rolled blunt and a silver lighter, one in each of his open hands.

“Wish it was gold,” he says, almost to himself. He lights up, taking the first long drag in silence. He puffs again, then passes it to her.

“You okay, Cammie?” She asks, mid drag. He sighs. “Yeah, I’m good. Just… drained.”

They take turns smoking back and forth while she chooses music to play. She settles on lofi as they finish their blunt. Mia lies flat on her back and closes her eyes, listening to the wind pick up outside her bedroom window. He looks at her, amazed at how she can do so much with so little effort. His face softens as he watches her unwind; she’s so beautiful to him, but her kindness makes him fall in love with her all over again. Without thinking, he leans over and kisses her, her eyes still closed. She looks up at him, a little startled, but still flattered.

“Thank you, Mia. Really. You always doin’ shit like this and I never know how to repay you.”

“Just shut up and love me, nigga.” She kisses him back and lies back down again, closing her eyes with a smile on her face.

“I do it ’cause I love you, and ’cause you need it.” He slowly caresses her midsection, staring at her skin long enough for her to catch him.

“I need YOU,” he replies, his eyes full of tenderness and adoration. He kisses her again, this time more passionately.

She reaches up to hold his face as he hovers over her, tongues gently caressing one another as their lips dance around each other. Her lips are full and soft, inviting him to play whenever he pleased. His head fills with static as his body fills with heat. He felt like a college student all over again; his heart was pounding, as if he’d kissed her for the first time. He grabs her hip and pulls her closer to him, pushing his pulsating mass against her through layers of clothing. She takes a sharp inhale, entangling her fingers in his long locs as she lifts her leg, wrapping it around him. He grips her thigh in response, and a soft sigh escapes her lips.

Clothing is strewn about all corners of the bed now; nightgown thrown hastily over the headboard, partially tucked into the mattress, slacks piled at the foot of the bed. Cameron has made himself comfortable, softly teasing Mia’s nipple with his tongue as he slowly runs his hands up and down her smooth, dark torso; starting at the nape of her neck, his hand travels down her ribs, then to her inner thigh. She lies relaxed, eyes closed, with one arm over her head, and the other wrapped around his neck, fingers playing in his hair. He sits up suddenly, climbing over her to make his way back to the kitchen.

“Whatchu ‘finna do?” She asks, sitting up on her elbows.

“Don’t worry ’bout that, lay back… And keep them eyes closed,” he demands.

She smirks, curiosity reading heavily on her face, and follows his directions. He returns, briefly grabbing something from the closet, and approaches her unsuspecting form with a thick, black, silk ribbon in one hand, holding something else behind his back. He sets it on the nightstand next to her, and before she can open her eyes, he stands over her, his face inches away from hers.

“What’d I say?”
“Fine,” she giggles. “No peaking.”

He drags the ends of the ribbon down between her legs, trailing them over her mound and up her navel. She shutters as he brings the ribbon to brush along her collarbone.

“Head up,” he demands.

She lifts her head as he places the ribbon over her eyes, securing it behind her head. He holds her face close to his and immediately places his tongue between her lips. She sucks on it hard, taking his lower lip with it. His already twitching length throbs even harder; he’s been looking forward to this. He couldn’t count how many times daydreams of her distracted him throughout the day. She knows exactly what she does to him; her kiss alone softens him, making him melt with each sweep of her tongue.

She grabs his face with both hands, desperate to get him on top of her, but he refuses. He leans into her only to grab both of her wrists and push them above her head, crossing and holding them both with a single, firm gripping hand. He takes her lower lip in between his, biting and pulling until he hears a sharp inhale.

“Don’t. Move.”

She moans lightly in agreement. He releases her, and she keeps her wrists where they are; she wouldn’t dare move. He grabs something from the nightstand, then puts it back. She can hear him rubbing his hands together.

Cameron sits on the bed, positioning himself between Mia’s eager legs without touching her, and she pouts with impatience.

“You know what I got for you?” He asks.
“No,” she answers.
“What’s that?” He asks, his tone getting heavier. She smirks; she knows that voice. “No, sir.”
“You WANNA know what I got for you?”
“Yes, sir.”
“You want me to tell you, or you want me to show you?”
“Show me.”
“What do you say?”
“Please, Daddy?”

And she does. He waits for her to drop her guard before touching her skin. She gasps as she feels cool, slick hands on her waist. He slowly spreads what feels like oil all over her body. He moves up her stomach, then her chest, paying special attention to her breasts, her nipples hard and begging for the attention they were getting before. Leaving no surface untouched, he covers the rest of her, finally resting on her thighs and backside.

Suddenly, she starts to feel a slight tingling on her hips. From there, the sensation spreads like wildfire, up her stomach and around her breasts. Her nipples start to feel like the tips of mountains, and her breathing gets heavier.

“Baby, whatchu you do to my skin?” She asks between breaths. Still caressing her thighs, he responds.

“That love shop next to The Grove? I went and picked this up on my break.” “What is it?” She asks.
“Just wait,” he tells her.

Almost instantly, an intense heat wave washes over her. The sensation left as quickly as it came, replaced by an indescribable sensitivity. Her pores felt as if the air around her was velvet; even the bed underneath her felt like a thick ocean of liquid silk.

“Hh-holy shit,” she huffs, her breathing speeding up. “Uh-huh. How you feel, baby?” He smirks. Her reaction was exactly what he was looking for.

“Like I ain’t ‘posed to be high as hell right now,” she laughs.

He slowly runs his hands along the length of her torso, his every movement intentional. She can feel the energy coming from his fingertips now, each touch feeling like a spark of electricity moving through water. She lets out a long, low moan of satisfaction. As he reaches her back, she arches it, desperate to feel his existence on her skin.

He leans forward and wraps his arms around her waist. Caressing her back, he kisses his way up her navel, his tongue swirling effortlessly. She whimpers, almost helplessly. He’s lost himself in the surface of her skin; The closer he gets to her nipples, the more he craves to consume her, biting harder, leaving indents on her skin. He takes her right nipple into his mouth, then with a low, sultry growl, grips her breast, stuffing more of it into his mouth. The effects of the oil start to hit him, and he makes his way to her left nipple, licking and sucking with even more ferocity.

Cameron grips Mia tightly as he runs his teeth along her collarbone. Her startled giggle turns into a weakened moan as she runs her fingers through his locs, grabbing hold. He still can’t take being this close to her, even after this long. He sinks his teeth into the curve of her neck… HARD.

“Ahh, fuck,” she whispers, arching her neck slightly, as if a lightning strike ran through her entire body. Her southern lips get hotter, and he can feel the heat rising against his groin. His lower muscle jumps, excitement leaking through the tip of his head. As if to prove a point, he takes one long lick, running his tongue up the length of her neck and jaw. He reaches her ear, whispering in a low, raspy voice.

“I missed you, baby.”

Still blind, Mia sticks her tongue out, panting, begging to be kissed violently. He tastes her tongue, lightly bumping teeth as he fulfills her request. It’s difficult denying himself, being so close to her, so hot, so intimate with her. The fact they aren’t fucking at this very moment is as much torture to him as it is to her, but they both know the rules:

She Must Beg. “Open up.”

Instinctively, she spreads her legs apart, revealing her glossy center. He shakes his head, melting at the sight of the sweet mess in front of him, pulsing, vibrant, and glistening.

Lips plump and patient, her flower pink and inviting, he licks his thumb and lightly brushes it against her entrance, just to say hello. As if to emphasize her hunger, she pushes against him, leaving her leaking juices on his thumb. He stares at it for a moment, then decides to taste her. Her love is earthy, like a decadent fog or mist. Her taste reminds him of the nights they spent making love to the sounds of thunder storms.

“Ngh…” The hunger in his eyes grows vicious; her flavor always had a way of igniting something primal in him. He switches positions, lying on his stomach between her thighs. He tries to move her hips, but she’s hesitant, not sure where to move.

“Let me.”

Mia relaxes her muscles completely, allowing Cameron to move and twist her to his liking. He shifts her waist to one side, nuzzling his head comfortably on her thigh. He caresses the other, brushing his palm past her lips on the way there. He lets out a lustful sigh, his low, heated breath traveling up her mound. It makes her jump, her clitoral hood revealing a light blue jewel decorating her precious pearl. He licks his first and middle fingers, then moves them in between her lips, slowly gliding his way up and down, past her clitoris. She sighs heavily, her fingers dancing around her mouth in anticipation. Making her wait was always the fun part.

“Tell me.”

“Please?” She whispers.


He turns and bites her inner thigh, gripping her hips and holding them in place. He says it again.

“Tell me.”


“Do you want it?”

“Yes,” she says, reaching out to feel for his head again.

He swats her hands away, then gives her exposed cheek a hard smack. The sound is sharp and loud compared to the soft beats and jazz in the background. She inhales sharply, biting her lip.

“You wanna be tied up?” He reprimands her.

“No, sir,” she lies. “Hands. Off.”

She takes her hands back, putting her fingers back in her mouth. Her torture is obvious; she doesn’t know what to do with her hands.

“One more time. Do you want it?” “Yes, Daddy.”
“Show me.”

She reaches down with her free hand, spreading her lips just far enough to cover her fingers in her own sugar. She brings them up to her mouth and cleans them off with her tongue. She must be on the edge.


He gives her pretty pussy one long, deep kiss. She bites her thumb, letting out a soft, shaky moan. She had almost forgotten: the oil was affecting more than just her skin.

“Mmnnn,” she pants, silently wishing he would do it again.

Instead, he takes one long lick, from her fluffy pink insides to her throbbing, cocoa outsides. He sucks on the tip of her clitoris, just hard enough to make a light popping sound once he let go.

“Fuck…” She gasps.

He stops, watching her face as he kisses the inside of her thighs. The torture on her face is priceless: eyebrows scrunched over her silk blindfold, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth. She grips the comforter, afraid to put her hands anywhere else; he might stop.

“Say it.”
He smacks her ass again. She knows better. “Say it right.”
“Please, Daddy?”
“Say it again.”

“Please? Please, Daddy, give it to me.”

He can hear the aching desperation in her voice. He could make her cum from teasing alone, but even he couldn’t wait that long. He loves the taste of her cum too much.


He kisses her pussy again, this time longer, deeper. He licks long, wide strokes up and down, running laps around her entrance and her clit. He feels her start to rock against his face, and he growls with impatience. Who the fuck does she think she is, taking control like that? He grabs a firm hold of her ass, sinking his fingers deep into her muscle. She whimpers as he locks her in place, and her moans get louder as he continues.

“Uhhh, shiiiit,” she starts grinding against his lips again.

She can’t help it; she could feel every taste bud brushing against her, driving her mad. He stops suddenly, smacking her ass again. She covers her mouth, desperately trying to hold back the orgasm threatening to rush right through her.

“You don’t fuckin’ listen, do you?” He says, yanking her an inch closer to him. “I’m sorry.”
Another slap corrects her.
“I’m sorry, Daddy! I can’t help it.”

“Too late, now.”

Cameron licks his first two fingers again, slowly sliding them inside of Mia. He brushes his fingertip right past her g-spot, and the sensation sits her up on her elbows.

“Damn, you were doin’ so good, too,” he cooes.

His ego is through the roof; having her in the palm of his hand was always the best part. He moves his fingers ever so slightly, and her muscles clench around them.

He controls her body now. “Don’t cum ’till I say.”
“Oh, please-”

“Aht- no more begging. Don’t make me tell you again, you hear me?” “Yes.”

He bites her thigh again, biting down harder and harder until she manages to let out the correct response.

“Yes! Yes, sir, I understand!”

He hits her with all of his tricks at once: curling his fingers inside of her creamy center, pressing lightly on her g-spot, massaging her lips with his free fingers, pressing his tongue right beneath her clit, sucking and licking circles around it. A high pitched yelp forces its way past her vocal cords, and he realizes maybe she was closer than he thought. After all this time, he can still drive her crazy. He finally notices his dull, throbbing ache down below; precum has already spilled over the side of his sensitive head. He strokes his extension as it glistens, traveling down his shaft.

“Hnngh, fuck,” he murmurs between slurps, his lips full of his lover’s quivering flesh.

He speeds up the pace, pressing down harder on her g-spot. She gasps, pulling at the comforter as if she wanted to rip it right off the bed. He stuffs his face with her, making it impossible for her to escape, no matter where she moved. She was trapped: just the way he liked it.

“Please… please, Daddy,” she starts. “No,” he says, sternly.

She shouts helplessly, fighting the urge to give in. She doesn’t want to break the rules; she was already getting punished enough. She tries to slow down her breathing, but that only makes things worse. She quickly realizes he’s syncing his movements with her breath.

She inhales: he pushes his fingers inward, pressing firmly on her now engorged g-spot, pressing his tongue right against her swollen clit, sucking it in, and stroking down his own head and shaft, desire still leaking from inside him.

She exhales: he pulls his fingers outward, stroking her g-spot on the way out, lapping his tongue upward, licking the tip of her sensitive button, and stroking back up his own shaft, right to the rim of his swollen tip.

She can’t fucking concentrate. She tries holding her breath, but he teases circles around her g-spot, forcing her to exhale again. They both know it’s coming; she can’t escape it anymore.

“Oouhh… Daddy, pleeeaaase,” she begs. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold it.

“What’d I say? Hm?” Cameron smacks her ass again, gripping it hard before returning to his even harder, throbbing dick. She starts breathing faster, and he speeds up with her.

“Didn’t I say no fuckin’ beggin’? You cum when I say, understand?”
“Ah, FUCK, hnngh,” she inhales sharply.
He knows she’s close, he can feel how hard she’s trying to control her muscles. “You gon’ make me cum, Daddy,” she pleads.

Mia struggles to slow her breathing again, and they work it back up together. Her moans echo off of the walls outside of their bedroom, and the wind outside picks up massive speed, as if mother nature were holding back something of her own. She holds her breath again, making Cameron focus in on her g-spot once more. His hand, once sticky with passion, now drips from her torture. Her cup runneth over; he knows she’s about to burst, but asks her anyway.

“You ready, baby?” “YES! FUCK!”

She doesn’t hear him at all. Underneath the silk blindfold, her eyes flutter, irises disappearing to the back of her head. Her back arches, and her legs start to vibrate. 3, 2, 1.

“Let it out for me.”

He buries his face deep into her pumping pussy, gripping her exposed ass with force. He presses down hard on her g-spot, licking tight circles around her jumping clitoris. The vibrating in her legs turn to spasms, and a wave of goosebumps washes over her entire body.

“Aaaah fuuUUUCK! YEEESS!” She screams, grabbing a tight hold of his hair.

He takes the pain as he feels her clit sporadically pulsate in his mouth. She gives in to her trembling, her insides erratically clenching and releasing around his fingers. She curls into herself as a puddle shoots from her insides, soaking his forearm and elbow.

“Mm-hmm. Don’t stop.”

She obeys, and continues her climax. Curling his fingers, he pulls every drop of ecstacy from her, licking and slurping up her nectar. He couldn’t possibly get it all, his comforter now soaked in his lover’s sweetness. He briefly brings his hand back to his own flesh, a frustrated release begging to escape. One last, powerful squirt makes her collapse and loosen her grip, her twitching body begging for peace.

He gives her soaking wet lips one long, final kiss, gently sucking them around her sensitive clit. He slowly massages her pussy with his tongue before finally coming up for air. He takes his time, removing his fingers from inside of her, and licks them clean, caressing her thighs and ass again as he gets up from his mess, finally setting her free. He crawls from between her legs, licking and biting his way back up her torso. He revisits her breasts, giving each nipple a sloppy kiss. She grabs his face with both hands, kissing him intensely, making sure she tastes every bit of herself on his tongue. He stops, lowering himself on top of her, and finally removes her blindfold. He brushes her hair out of her eyes and kisses her again, as slowly and softly as the first time. Still breathing heavily, she runs her fingers down his back, sending shivers down his spine.

“Baby, my skin-”

“It’ll wear off in a few hours. How you feelin’, baby?”

“Shit, can I breathe first?” She laughs, breathlessly.

He swiftly wraps a hand around her throat with a firm grip. Her breathing stifles, eyes wide with wild terror: or is it excitement?

“Don’t think I won’t put this shit back on you.” He lifts the silk ribbon within her line of sight. “What does this mean, huh?” He loosens his grip just enough for her to respond.

“Daddy’s home,” she strains. Her southern belle jumps again, still tingling, and it makes her eyes flutter a bit.

“And what’ Daddy say?”

“Take it.”

“Don’t get smart now, Mrs. Brookes,” he says, gingerly turning her head to one side. He brings his mouth to her ear and nibbles on her ear lobe. Her giggle turns quickly into a lust-filled sigh. Through gritted teeth, he states what she already knows. Only now does she realize:

“This ain’t over.”

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