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Cameron Loves Mia: Confession

Mia layed in the sun with her eyes closed, Solange playing low from her bluetooth speaker. ‘He’s late… AGAIN,’ she thought to herself. They always met at the bleachers in between classes to smoke and get away from the drama in the cafeteria. Lately, though, he’s been arriving later and later, and she couldn’t figure out why. Did she do something wrong? It didn’t make sense as to why it felt like he was avoiding her.

After about 20 minutes, she heard someone step on one of the metal benches below her. She decided not to open her eyes.

“Late again?”

“Yeah-I’m sorry, I had to take care of some stuff,” Cameron replied. His tone was unusually casual, as if he was talking to a man he had little to nothing in common with.

“Hey, if you don’t wanna hang, ain’t nobody keeping you here,” Mia stated, her eyes still closed.

“No, it’s-it’s not that. I like kickin’ it witchu,” he said. She sat up on her elbows, her curly hair falling slightly over her eyes, which narrowed as she focused on him. Something was wrong. He seemed shaken up, like he’d been pulled over on the way here.

“The fuck wrong witchu?” She asked.

“Nun’, fam, I’m good,” he said, chuckling nervously. She hopped up with a childlike curiosity, rushing down to grab his chin and turn his head at different angles.

“Yo, I’m GOOD, aight? Chill!” He laughed.
“Whatchu do? You fightin’ again?” Mia asked, scolding him with her eyes. “No, I stopped when I graduated high school, you KNOW that.”

“I didn’t KNOW you in high school,” she replied, “Wassup witchu, Cam,? Are you okay?” Her demeanor shifted into one of genuine concern. This softened him to his core, which scared him even more now.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m good.” Mia takes a step back and chuckles.

“I mean, OBVIOUSLY not, look ‘atchu! Aye, you ain’t gotta tell me shit if you don’t want to, but you’ve been acting fuckin’ weird for the past, what? Like, month? Got me out here lookin’ like a fuckin’ loner. I miss my friend, bro, what happened?”

“Nun’ happened, Mia,” he shrugs, “Just workin’ through some shit, that’s all.”

“I mean, I get it,” she states, throwing up both hands, “But at least lemme know. I was ’bout to drop yo’ bitch ass.” She laughs.

“No, no, no! Don’t-don’t do that,” he said. The sudden urgency in his voice confused her. She cocked her head to one side; he rolled his eyes, attempting to hide the intensifying flush in his cheeks. Every little thing about her became more and more unbearable for him to witness. He could feel himself slipping the longer he stuck around.

“Did I… DO something to you? You can tell me if I fucked up, you know that, right? I’ll own that shit right now,” she stated plainly.

“No, no… ugh,” Cameron sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“See? THAT,” she pointed at him. “That RIGHT THERE. Why you so irritated with me all of a sudden, if I ain’t even DO nun’?”

“It’s not that-”

“Then what, Cam? You know how much I can’t stand that wishy-washy shit. At least lemme know if you not feelin’ it no more, ’cause clearly I can’t do nun’ ’bout it,” Mia continued. He attempted to stop her, but he couldn’t explain himself; otherwise, he’d ruin everything. He wanted, more than anything, for things to just go back to normal, but he didn’t know how to turn back. He struggled to get a word in.

“I’on understand what the fuck is goin’ on witchu, bruh. You would think that after a couple years, you’d feel safe enough to lemme know wassup, ESPECIALLY after your breakup. You’re acting fuckin’ weird lately, you’re blowing me off all the time now, you don’t even hit me up on the weekends no more, whatchu tryna do, GHOST me now? We’re fucking ADULTS, Cameron.”

“NO!” He shouted. He hated raising his voice at her, but he didn’t know what else to say. He was reaching his breaking point, and fast.

“Then what is it, huh? What, we can’t be friends no more?” “No.”

That stopped her dead in her tracks. He could almost hear her heart shattering inside of her chest; all of the sleep he’d lost, every minute of repressing himself, all of it paled in comparison to the pain he felt knowing he could hurt her so deeply. ‘No. This ain’t worth it,’ he thought, ‘She needs to know.’

“Wh-… why not?” Angry tears welled up in her eyes, and it stung; she felt betrayed. “Y-you couldn’t tell me this shit a MONTH ago?!”

“NO!” He shouted again, exasperated.

“Why NOT?!” She shouted back, tears threatening to break free from her.


Cameron’s voice echoed off the walls of the bleachers as Mia stood in shock, single streams slowly falling from her eyes. She choked around the breath stuck in her throat.

“I-I’m sorry?”

Cameron couldn’t keep it in anymore. He didn’t understand what was happening or why, but he couldn’t bare to be near her anymore. They were seen together so often, people on campus just assumed they were dating, and that made it impossible to ignore. Every second he was around her, all he wanted to do was touch her, taste her, explore her sensual side, cradle her when she cried. It was too late now; the damage was done, the words were out. If it killed their friendship… fuck it.

“I fucking love you, Mia.” He took a step closer to her. The flood gates were open now; he leaned into it, holding nothing back.

“I tried keeping it to myself, but it only got worse. It got so bad, I thought if I just stopped seeing you so much, maybe it’ll go away… It only made me miss you.”

He took another step forward. He was within arm’s reach now, making sure not to touch her.

“It’s been like this for two fuckin’ months. I DREAM about you now. I ain’t never fell so goddamn hard in my life. You don’t know how many times I almost said ‘yes’ whenever somebody asked if you were mine… and it hurt every time you said no.” He took one final step.

He reached his shaky hand toward hers, hanging limp at her side. She seemed to be frozen in disbelief. He grit his teeth and winced as his fingertips grazed the back of her hand. She felt paralyzed, blinking away tears.

“I- I can’t just be ya friend no more, Mia… Please, just don’t-don’t stop me. Just… let me do this.”

He calculated every movement carefully, slowly reaching out his hand, and wiping the tears from one side of her face, never breaking eye contact. This was the most open and vulnerable he’d ever been with anyone, and the fear was maddening. He didn’t want to let a single moment go to waste. He finally closed the distance between them. Mia looked up at him with doe-eyes, red with tears, and thought of every time she caught Cameron staring at her; the laugh that only came out of him when she was around, the way he hugged her tighter and longer on her bad days, the time he punched some guy at a party for calling her a bitch when she turned him down. She was willingly aloof; she never liked making assumptions.

He cupped her face in one hand, and hastily reached for her waist with the other, pulling her into him ever so slowly. She didn’t dare move a muscle. She felt like she was in the presence of a beautiful, wild beast; any sudden movement and she might scare him off. “Please… just-tell me you don’t want this. You won’t hear from me again… I promise,” he said, his voice a shaky whisper. His face was inches away from hers now, eyes fluttering shut, his heart pounding loud enough for both of them to hear. Although he knew this rejection would crush him, he desperately needed her to say SOMETHING, even if it was the last thing she’d ever say to him.

“Please just… tell me you don’t love me. Please…”

Mia took in a rattling inhale, realizing she’d been holding her breath this entire time. Being this close to him, hearing both their heartbeats ringing in her ears, it was all too much. Why was he begging her not to love him? Is that what he really wanted from her? If so, he wouldn’t be this close, holding her like this, his face full of fear and longing. She watched his every movement; the furrow in his brow, the quiver in his bottom lip, his uneven breathing, the tremor in the hands that held her so close. She couldn’t bare to break his heart. She’d seen it happen before; she would never want to break that man the way his ex did. Mia was the one who held him together when he fell apart. She knew in her heart that she loved him, she just never questioned how much… until now.

“I… I can’t lie to you.”

She watched as he let out a heavy sigh, hanging his head in defeat. He knew she wasn’t into him like that. Cameron slowly made his retreat, at least, he WANTED to; he’d only moved an inch before he felt two soft hands suddenly snap shut on both of his wrists with intensity. If he weren’t physically touching her, she would’ve lost him completely. His eyes snapped open, not knowing what to truly make of this moment.

“Stay.” Mia whispered, staring deep into the pools of honey in his eyes, “Don’t run from me.”

She ran her thumb across the veins in his hand on her cheek. He couldn’t stop the tears from falling now; he was stunned, bewildered. Her other hand traveled up his arm, across his shoulder, and rested on the back of his neck, brushing past the ends of his locs. She coaxed him closer until their foreheads met. She closed her eyes; she’d always been spiritual, but she’d never attempted to tune into someone like this. The tension between them was palpable, to say the least. She never thought to explore the idea of romance with Cameron before; for all she knew, they were just two prisoners, serving their time in college together. Not today. Today, she must answer a very important question: had he ever given her a reason not to trust him?

Mia thought of all the classes she would’ve failed without his help, all the times he stood up for her when she wasn’t around to defend herself, all the ways he hyped her up before she made a big decision. He was her biggest hype-man, her cheerleader, and she couldn’t figure out why. All she knew was that she’d happily return the favor. She didn’t want to fear him; she wanted to

embrace him, now more than ever. She knew softness was difficult for him, but he was being brave for her, especially in this moment.

She had her answer.

Mia brought her face so close to his, he could feel her nose-ring on his own nostril. The skin on their lips made the slightest contact, and Cameron took a short, sharp inhale. His entire being tensed up around her. All she wanted in this moment was to bring him ease again. She wanted to be safe, not only with him, but FOR him. He could feel her hesitant breath on his lips. ‘Please… just fuckin’ do it already,’ he thought to himself. He couldn’t take another second of torture.

Mia’s grip tightened on the back of his neck, and finally, after what felt like lifetimes, it happened.

She caught his bottom lip between hers; his lips were surprisingly soft. His grip on her waist tightened, almost painfully. His eyes fluttered for a second, sending the tears he tried holding back rushing down his face, and mixing with her own. Once he realized what was happening, he lost all control of his body. He melted into a puddle in front of her, his tensed muscles turning to goo. If she wasn’t standing there, he would’ve fallen over. He grew heavy around her, and she held him tighter in response.

She kissed him again, their tongues meeting for the first time. Her tongue tasted… sweet? Like the white flesh of a strawberry, or the taste of honeydew melon. The hot coals he tried suffocating within himself now burst into flames, as if all it took was the soft, steady breath between her kisses to ignite him. He pulled her closer to him still, as if the flesh of their touching torsos just wasn’t enough. He wanted to melt into her, to feel her blood flowing through his own veins. He was consumed with her now, nothing else mattered; not the wind blowing goosebumps across her skin, not the dull sound of traffic in the distance, not even the sound of track runners slowly pooling in, preparing for warm-ups. He wanted nothing to rip him away from this, from her.

‘I’ll never let this go,’ he thought, desperately. As if to hear his cry, she kissed him again; this time, with more passion than he anticipated. With one hand gripping the side of his hoodie, her fingers entangled in his hair now, the pleasant breeze within her turned into a tornado before she even knew what was happening. There was a sudden urge within her to claw at his skin; there was still so much she didn’t know about him, and the closer they got, the more she wanted to explore him, inside and out.

Mia knew that if she didn’t stop now, she’d be arrested for indecent exposure soon; she needed to get away from here. NOW. She suddenly ripped herself away from him, nervously adjusting her big, curly hair.

“I- uhm… I can’t go back to class. Not after that. You wanna get out of here?” She asked.

“And go where?” Cameron asked in response. He stood there with nothing left to do with his hands, so he quickly slipped them into his center pocket, erratically releasing his anxiety through his now hidden fingers. She climbed back up the bleachers to where she had left her things, put her speaker in her backpack, and wordlessly put a fresh blunt to her lips, lighting it as she made her way toward the campus parking lot.

He lived farther away from campus than she did; it was about a 10-minute walk from the apartment she shared with her brother. He was busy living on a military base, so she had the place to herself most days, anyway. Perfect for a day like this.

He knew she lived alone, unlike most people he knew, who either still lived with their parents or had multiple roommates. He always made it a point to invite HER over to study. He often made it seem like he just had more material at his place, but deep down, he knew that if they were alone together, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself.

Today, that changes.

Mia opened the door, removed her speaker, took off her shoes, and tossed her backpack down next to the side table she tossed her keys in. Living with his father, Cameron was only used to male standards of living: the smell of old takeout, clothing strewn about, beer cans littering the countertops. He’d almost forgotten what to a woman’s home felt like: scented candles in every room, color coordinated furniture, ambient lighting. It was nothing like his mother’s home, filled to the brim with gold accented decorations and incense smoke. He missed it there, hoping she was enjoying her extended vacation after he moved away for college. He decided to text her, thankful for the distraction. He didn’t know how to break the silence as Mia slipped into her routine, settling herself in for the day. Now he understood why she never liked going anywhere; her home was… peaceful.

[Thinkin bout u today. Miss u. Hope ur ok. Luv u Ma.]

As he was finishing up, he suddenly felt Mia’s hands grip his shoulders, forcing him to turn around. She pulled at the straps of his backpack, taking it off and setting it down next to hers. When he turned back around, he was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing the clothes she walked in with. She sported a plain black, snug-fitting, v-neck crop top, and a loose-fitting pair of light blue pajama bottoms decorated with black rabbits, her hair tied back in a messy, haphazard bun. A soft grin appeared on his face, until he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. He quickly averted his attention, clearing his throat.

“Uhh… It- *ahem* it smells nice in here,” Cameron said, removing his own shoes.

“Thanks. I don’t like the way food makes my room smell so I just keep these around everywhere,” Mia replied, loosely motioning towards the different sets of candles around the living room and kitchen.

She gestured toward her bedroom, and invited him to walk ahead. He was amazed at what he saw: black paint covered every inch of wall in here, with a giant black ‘moon card’ topiary nailed to the ceiling, feline statues of different shapes and sizes in every corner of the room, picture frames filled with pressed flowers, black artists, and skull art, a plush futon for overnight guests, and a queen-sized bed with a large black comforter, decorated in constellations. Their only source of light came from a large sky blue lava lamp, and a string of light blue fairy lights lining her headboard. It was like a dark fairytale in here; it felt as though he’d stepped into a different world.

“Woah…” He said.
“Right?” She replied, “Now you know why I’on like leavin’ the house.” “Shit, I wouldn’t either,” he chuckled.

The banter helped him loosen up a little bit. She hopped onto her bed, with no desire to remain proper, and patted the space in front of her, inviting him to sit down. He took off his hoodie, laid it across the futon, and sat down in front of her while she set up her speaker. Seeing her in her natural environment was endearing to him, but the feeling didn’t last long; he was quickly overcome with anxiety as she met his gaze.

‘I’m in her house, in her bed. What the fuck do I do now?’ He thought to himself. Mia spoke up.

“Now, you know I take consent very seriously, so, I’m gon’ let you pick what comes first: discussion, or exploration?”

“Huh?” Cameron replied, confused by what she meant by either option.

“Would you like to express yourself with words or actions?” She elaborated. She was so good at that, asking the right questions. She always complained about random strangers sharing their darkest secrets with her, and now he understood why.

“Yeah, I’on think I can fight for more words right now,” He admitted. She chuckled; he looked spent, like he was finally able to put down the weight he’d been carrying for so long.

“Fine with me,” she said, “Actions it is. C’mon.” She laid back on one side of the bed, inviting him to join her. This stunned him; he was petrified, afraid to make the wrong move. She sighed and smiled, shaking her head.

“C’mere.” She then sat up, grabbed a handful of his shirt collar, and kissed him deeply, dragging him down into the space next to her.

His head was spinning: out of all the outcomes he’d envisioned in his mind, this was DEFINITELY not one of them.

Like blowing on the embers of a fire, Cameron slowly explored Mia’s lips: this time, intentionally. He tuned into his five senses, praying this wasn’t just another dream. Her scent alone was intoxicating, with slight hints of redwood, raw shae butter, and plums, underneath fresh sativa smoke and blended hair oils. He never expected her voice to affect him as much as it did; her soft, low moans excited his body before he could even fully process it. He traced his hand over her hip, down the length of her thigh; her skin was unbelievably smooth. She draped her leg over him in response; now he understood what she meant whenever she mentioned ‘enthusiastic’ consent: she made sure he KNEW how much she wanted him. He could feel it emanating from every part of her body.

That same sweet taste on her tongue made his heart race even faster than it already was, even with the taste of lemon haze mixed in. The high was really getting to him now, turning all the chatter in his brain into static, allowing him to fully sink into the hunger of his body.

Exploration. Action.

If he wanted to explore, he needed to act. He took her disheveled bun into his hand and slowly pulled it back. The most tender, erotic sigh left her lips with ease, and he couldn’t help but swoon over her. Completely smitten, with no regard for his own demeanor, he watched her give in. She presented her neck to him like a sacrifice, her chest rapidly rising and falling. She couldn’t contain her excitement, and that sparked something wild and untamed within him.

Careful not to harm her, Cameron buried himself into the curve of her neck, kissing, licking, and biting his way up. He softly bit down on the deepest curve of her neck.

“Harder,” Mia whimpered, “Don’t hold back.”

He quickly brought her face back down to his, not sure if she really knew what she was asking for.

“Don’t tell me that,” he said, his voice low and raspy now, “I don’t wanna hurt you.”

He’d never heard himself like this before, and he was afraid of what he might do if he fully surrendered to his own desires.

“You said no words, right?” She asked. “Show me. I don’t care if it hurts… I WANT it to hurt,” she said, her eyes wild and affirming.

At that very moment, she saw a sudden, furious fire alight in his eyes. It frightened her…

and she was thrilled.

Cameron’s face was buried in the smooth cocoa skin of her torso now. Breathing her in, Mia was all he could smell, see, hear, feel, taste. He was drunk with her, and he felt himself disappearing more and more, being consumed with something foreign… something powerful, more powerful than anything he’d ever felt. Primal. Hungry. Greedy. He wanted her all to himself; he wanted her everything. He couldn’t control himself anymore. He wanted to break her; to take her to the edge of the universe, plunge her into the depths of her own pleasure, and show her his naked, bleeding heart. ‘I wanna be the ONLY one making you feel like this,’ he thought; this goal alone fueled the endless fire within him. His hands were steady now, fully gripping and caressing every inch of skin he could possibly reach.

He looked up at her, tracing his tongue along her hip bone, dragging it all the way up to her bottom rib, and ending the trail in an aggressive kiss. He refused to take his eyes off of her as she arched her back in response, writhing in anticipation; he wouldn’t let a single move she made go unseen. He wasn’t going to waste this moment; he’d been running from himself, running from HER, for far too long, never once thinking about what could go ‘right.’ The girl who flooded his dreams for months was now in his arms, breathless. He knew this was the only chance he had to show her exactly how he felt, how he STILL feels.

‘Don’t hold back, don’t hold back,’ he reminded himself, pushing his self-consciousness out of the window.

‘I NEED her to feel this.’

Cameron slipped his fingers around Mia’s waistband, slowly exposing her backside. Feeling the bare skin of Mia’s ass was a bit surprising; he assumed she was wearing underwear. Wasn’t she always? He wasn’t sure, but he wouldn’t dare hide his arousal now, not here. He sat up to pull her pants off completely, his second head already swollen with desire. He gave her ankle a soft, slow kiss, and continued kissing his way back down until he was face to face with her salivating slit. He could feel the rising heat coming from her; the body doesn’t lie, and her body purred for him. The look on her face was one of longing anticipation, as if she was wordlessly begging him to fuck her with reckless abandon. He wasn’t going to give her what she wanted just yet; they’ve only just begun. He didn’t want the fun to end here. To make sure of this, he kept his hot, thrumming birthright caged inside of his joggers. The time to unleash it would come; in the meantime, he MUST make her beg for it.

He took a moment to admire her exposure; her presentation was something akin to spotless china. She was marvelous to behold: a moisturized and groomed pubic mound trimmed in a simple triangle, smooth, dark, plump lips resembling chocolate orange slices, all cradling a

small, sky-blue gem protruding from underneath her hood. She had piercings in other places he’d seen: her nostrils, the tip of her tongue, her left eyebrow. He had no idea she was so… brave. He felt intimidated, but in a way that was deeply intriguing, filled with a dark and twisted curiosity. At that moment, he realized just how much he truly didn’t know about this girl, and just how much that needed to change.

He put the tips of his pointer and middle fingers in his mouth, making them warm and soft for her skin. He placed one finger on each lip and parted them slowly.

“Sshhh, listen,” he cooed, slowly closing his eyes.

His voice was unrecognizable now. Mia bit her bottom lip, so as not to allow a single sound to escape. What followed was like music to his ears, a sweet squelching sound as her evening dew slowly dripped around her quivering entrance, sending chills throughout her glistening skin. The way she craved him was evident now, but it wasn’t enough.

He needed to hear her scream for him.
He positioned himself at her side until he was slightly hovering over her. “Can you follow directions?” He asked.

She nodded her head, brows furrowed, eager to see what this new person had in store for her. Cameron was transforming right before her eyes; no longer was he the easy-going goofball she’d come to know. No. Now, he was more stern, more demanding, more… INSATIABLE.

‘Show me… I WANT it to hurt,’ her words echoed in his head. It was time.
“Keep your eyes on me.”

He took his same two moist fingers, tracing them ever so slowly from her sticky center, up between her swelling lips, and ending at her decorative blue jewel, making slow, deliberate circles around it.

“If you don’t, I’ll stop,” he continued.

The thought of someone else having her fullest attention to such a degree was menacing, to say the least. ‘You want me to FOCUS?’ she thought to herself; the sheer panic in her eyes told him everything he needed to know. If he was going to give in completely, he needed one more thing.

“Do you love me?” He asked; it felt less like a request and more like asking permission. He needed her to truly commit, to truly SUBmit.

“Yes,” she replied, as if it meant two things, and both were true.

She found safety in him. Not only did she genuinely love him, she trusted him fully. Maybe that was why no one could ever catch her eye: they just weren’t… him.

“Tell me.”

“I love you, Cameron.”

“Say it again.”

“I lo- ”

She gasped, feeling him glide his fingers into her. It felt effortless; he couldn’t believe he had this kind of effect on her.

“Again,” he said, almost pleading.
“I- auhh- I love you, Cameron,” she managed.

He kissed her, so passionately that it made her muscles clench around his fingers. Eyes half opened, her eyelids fluttered as she struggled to keep them focused on him. She wanted to kiss his skin so badly, to taste his pulse on her tongue. He continued to massage her insides, and her eyes began to roll back.

“Aht aht… stay with me,” He said, watching her every move. Watching her fight her own impulses was giving him a sick satisfaction he couldn’t contain. He wanted MORE.

‘I want… to BREAK you,’ he thought.

“Oohh- oh my god,” she uttered as she tightened her grip on his arm. As her head fell back, he stopped moving his fingers, hooking them inside and maintaining pressure on her g-spot. She grunted, clamping her hand down hard onto his shoulder as she snapped back upright.

“What’ I say? Hm?” He asked, patiently waiting as he continued to tease her.

“Fuck…” she whimpered, helplessly; her head felt boulder-heavy as she struggled to meet his gaze again.

“There you go, baby,” he said, his voice sultry and rich. “You stop, I stop. You want me to stop?” He asked, turning up the pace a little.

“Please no- ahh,” she begged; it was taking everything in her power not to give in completely. Of course she didn’t want him to stop, but keeping her eyes glued to him became more and more difficult with every breath. It was impossible to ignore every cell in her body screaming for him.

“Oh god,” Mia uttered.

Cameron gripped her bun and pulled her head back again, running his tongue along her collarbone before leaving a trail of messy kisses up the side of her neck. He then took her earlobe into his mouth, biting down on it just hard enough to get a reaction out of her. She let out a moan much louder than he expected. So many sensations ran through her body now, and this light pain sent sparks rushing right through her.

“Ooh, fuck!” She said, wide-eyed and lively. It was like a jolt of electricity that left her invigorated; she could feel the beat in his chest, the rhythm in his hips, the heat of his desire. He was glued to her now.

“You drive me crazy, Mia, you know that? Hm?” He hissed next to her ear, picking up speed.

Her body filled with butterflies; his intensity was arousing beyond comprehension. She couldn’t stop; with every breath came a sound of ecstacy escaping her lips. To hear the yearning in his voice pushed her so close to the edge so fast; she couldn’t keep up with how rapidly each new sensation swept through her. He could feel how close she was; the rhythm of her contracting muscles around his fingers became more and more sporadic, with small twitches between each pump. He quickly pulled her face to his, touching his forehead to hers.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare,” he growled, his eyes completely fixed on her. “Look at me: Don’t you fuckin’ cum ’til I say, you hear me?”

“GOD!” She cried, her moans turning to screams.

This was it; all the times he fantasized about watching an orgasm rip its way through her, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her if he wanted to. He didn’t want to settle for just anything; every scream, every tremor, every shudder, every cry, he wanted it all to himself.


He started the countdown. She had to keep it together; ‘Not yet,’ she thought, fighting back her inevitable explosion with everything she had.


“FUCK!” She screamed. The painful throbbing against his waistband made it clear what this was doing to him. His greatest fantasy was unfolding right before his eyes; he couldn’t possibly get any harder.


She was losing herself now. Her toes weren’t just curling; their movements were wild and erratic.


Nothing was even touching him, and he could feel himself approaching the point of no return. His jaw clenched; he needed to focus.


“Oh my fucking GOD,” she exclaimed, tightening her grip in the roots of his locs. It was so hard to time it just right, but she had to try.


“Aah… aah…”She panted.


Her nails dug deeper into the skin of his arm.

‘That’s it,’ he thought, ‘Right there.’


Her leg tightened around his hip as a trickle of warm liquid ran past his knuckles, dripping from his wrist.

His grip on her hair loosened as he cradled her head in his hand. His face softened. ‘I love you,’ he thought to her.
Her eyes went white, and a deep, violent tremor rushed its way through her bones. “Cum for me.”

“Aah FUUUCK!” Mia’s scream bounced off the walls as a viscous eruption burst from her now gushing pussy, her back arched in unimaginable euphoria. He was amazed; he didn’t quite know what was happening, but he knew he couldn’t stop now, not until she begged him to.

“Mm-hmm, that’s it, baby,” he purred, “Give it all to me.”

She spasmed and writhed uncontrollably, pounding her hands in a frenzy, trying desperately to free herself from his grip. Still, he maintained the same pace. Frantically grabbing at anything within reach, it was clear to her he had no intention of stopping now.

“FUCK, ohh!” She cried to him. “Mmn, fuck…” he murmured back.

He couldn’t stop his eyes from rolling back at the sound of her losing control. Her sanity was completely unraveled; she may have been experienced, but no one had EVER made her feel like this. It was overwhelming and astounding and terrifying and magnificent and bewildering and otherworldly. All she could do… was scream.

He bit his bottom lip hard as he watched her swim in orgasmic bliss. Before long, though, it all became too much for her.

“Stop stop stop stop stop,” she repeated, desperately grasping for some semblance of relief. “Uh-uh. Beg.” He replied, surprising even himself.

“Daddy, PLEASE!!!” She screamed wildly, on the verge of tears. He stopped his hand from moving, but left his fingers inside. His entire arm was on fire, but he couldn’t care less.

“Okay, okay. No more. I’ma go slow, okay?”
“Mm-hmm,” she replied breathlessly, her body slowly going limp. “One, two, three.”

Cameron gently pulled his fingers out of Mia’s sweet nectar with deliberate care. As soon as he did, she fully collapsed, completely awe-struck at what she’d just experienced. The look on her face was one of pure shock, as if to say, ‘What the fuck did you just do to me?’ When she looked back up at him, she didn’t expect to see him licking her liquid love right off of his fingers, making sure not to waste a single drop. He kissed her deeply again; he wanted her to enjoy the taste of her own delight with him.

He pulled back and took a moment to look into her eyes. Both panting in silence, they looked at each other with a wild wonder in their eyes, unsure about where this new, deepening bond would take them.

“I love you,” they said, simultaneously.

They laughed at how ridiculous and corny this all was, but they didn’t care. They were both terrified of how vulnerable they’d become now, but it was too late for that. If they were going to share their deepest emotions to one another, now was as good a time as any. After all, classes were over now; they had the rest of the day to explore every inch of each other, inside and out. He gave her one more soft, sweet kiss, and got up to find his phone. She sat up and stared at the mess she made.

“How the fuck you make me do that?” She asked. He chuckled at her surprise.
“I’on know what happened. One minute you were shakin’ and then… sploosh,” he grinned.

“Oh my GOD,” she laughed, falling back down again. He took a seat on the futon and grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket.

“Gimme a sec,” he said. He pulled up a contact labeled ‘Pops’ and began texting. [Spending the night w/ slime. Don’t w8 up. Call u tmrw.]
As he removed his faded crewneck and joggers, he felt his phone vibrate.
[B safe, have fun. Don’t miss class. Luv u boy.]

He threw his phone over his shoulder and onto the futon as he made his way back to her. Watching him prowl toward her in his boxers made her stomach drop.

“Don’t you fuckin’ move,” he pointed at her loosely, “I’m not done witchu yet.”

His exploration was far from over, because now, it wasn’t just Mia he was exploring; it was himself… at least, the version of himself he thought he knew.

He crawled his way onto the bed until he was directly on top of her. She began shrinking and giggling with giddy anxiety as he shut her in, between his arms. With his locs draping over her forehead, her hands cupping both sides of this face, he kissed her tenderly.

They had all the time in the world now.

Leya Lerato

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