Pro-black Erotica Blk Touch

The First Last Time

The softness of the bed.

The quietness of the room.

And the anticipation… Something is going to happen.

There’s a presence, right on me, spooning me. My best friend. I was spending the weekend at her  parents’ home with her. And she was spooning me, like she had always done all our lives.

But that morning was different. She was holding her breath and not making any sound. And therefore, I  felt that anticipation.

I then felt her hand tracing the length of my left arm from my wrist to my shoulder. I bit my lower lip as I  felt the electric charge of her touch.

As she reached my shoulder, she moved her hand down my collar bone, felt the top of my breast, and  stopped as she reached my nipple. She circled it with one finger which led me to exhale at the feeling  and as she continued, forced me to let a faint moan escape. She grabbed the nipple and pulled on it. I  reached for her thigh and held on. She exhaled in my ear. And then I felt her other hand making its ways

under me. When she succeeded, she went straight for my panties.

It was not as slow as her earlier movements. It felt like she was eager. My physical responses made her  bold.

With her hand in my underwear, she parted my lower lips and with one finger, connected with my clit.  Instinctively, I rubbed my ass against her. She responded by grinding against me.

With my hand still holding on to her thigh, I dug my nails in her skin. She responded by sucking on my  neck, as if she was still trying to turn me on.

She kept stimulating my clit and I could feel myself cumin. I squeezed my legs, as the feeling got stronger.  She was relentless with the way she played with my pussy. The wetness from my pussy became loud.

That feeling became so good, I let out a “FUUUUUCK!”

And it happened. The stimulation with my nipple, my clit and my neck. I might have broken the skin on  her thigh considering how strong my nails went in there. I might have broken the skin on my lower lip  considering how strong I bit on it when I came.

My breathing was pretty intense by the end of it. I turned to her and for the first time, we looked in each  other’s eyes with passion we described to each other in phone conversation. I brought my hand to her  face. We came closer to one another.

I felt the thumping of my heart getting stronger as I got closer to her face.

My best friend. For the first time, we were about to kiss, passionately.

And all my heart could do was get louder.

Then, I realized, it was not my heart.

Those were steps. Someone was coming. We then heard the doorknob moving.  “Hey girls! It’s time to get up!”

We quickly disengaged and moved to our respective sides of the bed.

“Shaunie, what time do we have to drop you at the airport?”

With the sheets covering me, I slightly raised my head and said, “We should leave in a couple of hours.” “Then you 2 should get out of bed and get ready. Breakfast is on the table.”

My best friend’s mother got out of the room. We turned to each other and looked in each other’s eyes  again. . We spoke to each other without uttering a word. We understood this was our last time. Our life  trajectories were going to place us further apart from each other and this moment… That was the  beginning of us parting ways.

Robert Mulolo

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