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Power Tools

 Brandon Johnson hesitated as he made out the final check to the receptionist at the Center for Conscious and Creative Loving. He was graduating from six long months of counseling, healing, and transformation. He was literally a new man; incapable of seeing life the way he had previously. He’d undergone the most radical, holistic, and spiritual rebirth anyone could imagine. His close friends couldn’t relate to him any more and they drifted away like insignificant acquaintances, making way for a new set of friends who vibrated on a higher plane. It was a plane he hadn’t even known existed six months ago, one he couldn’t grasp or conceive of until he met Dr. Adisa Ajani.  


  Change was still a little scary for him but he knew that he was better prepared to face the unknown than he had ever been before in his life.  When he shut the door to the offices, he knew he was shutting the door on using sex to numb the pain of his insecurities, of projecting his lust onto women and expecting them to conform to his distorted view.  It was only after 6 very intense months of radical therapy that Brandon took responsibility for his emotions, owned them, and didn’t try to hide from them in a blur of irrational and immature behavior that made excuses for his dysfunction.  He couldn’t look at women the same way because he was a new man.  With the help of Dr. Ajani, he was now fully equipped to steer the own ship of his continued healing and that was an invaluable and powerful tool. No longer was he desperate to have someone else fix him, he was now clearly able to see a vision of himself as whole, healthy and enlightened and could navigate a way clearly and continually towards his higher self on his own.  


As Brandon drove home, he was relinquishing his fears and embracing his future.  His old self would have seen his graduation as an excuse to celebrate by getting drunk and waking up the next day with fuzzy memories and regrets. The new Brandon wanted to celebrate now by getting more organized in his life.  He stopped off at Home Depot to see if he could get some things to help him organize his closet. 


He was looking at the pre-made organizers when he started feeling particularly inspired and decided to venture to the lumber aisle to see if he couldn’t create something similar by hand. He was sort of overwhelmed by all the choices but he certainly wasn’t alone.  There was a woman there, looking dazed and lost, with a how to book in her hand sheer terror on her face.


  Brandon approached her in order to lend his assistance. After a brief conversation he ascertained that her ex husband had promised her son a tree house but it was more than apparent that he wasn’t going to follow through on his promise YET AGAIN.  She had just enough money in her budget and more than enough hardheaded determination to build it herself but absolutely no clue how to pull it off.  She looked like a deer caught in headlights.  Actually, she looked like a fresh-faced tomboy.  She was wearing running shoes and running pants, a plain white t-shirt, a denim jacket, and a baseball cap with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. From what he could tell, she wasn’t wearing any make-up on her face, just a look of confusion.  


With no hidden agendas or macadocious motives, Brandon spoke up, “I’m not sure I can help but I am more than willing to offer what little assistance I can.  This does seem a little overwhelming.”  


  She smiled and extended her hand in greeting. “Who would have thought wood would be so complicated?  I mean, I watch Extreme Home Makeover every week.  This should be a piece of cake, right?”They laughed together. “Forgive my manners, I’m Samantha.”


  They continued to exchange pleasantries and went about the daunting task of collecting all the materials necessary to build the tree house. There was definitely something about Samantha. She didn’t seem overly preoccupied with using her sexuality to get men to do things for her. Her independence wasn’t threatening but Brandon realized that was indicative of his own growth and a man and as a human being.  Previously, he would have dismissed any woman who seemed so decidedly strong willed as unattractive, no matter how physically attractive she was, he would have seen it as a threat to his manhood. Now, confident in his identity, Brandon saw Samantha as a competent, strong, single parent doing a helluva job raising her son with an unreliable ex-husband. 


  They got everything she needed and had it all packed up to be delivered. Brandon handed her a business card and said, “If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’d be more than happy to offer whatever assistance I can, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.”  For the very first time in his life, he meant it. 


“Thank you very much but I think I’ll be fine from here on out.”  Brandon walked to his car, proud of himself for not making a crude, sexual advance and amazed that it felt natural.  He gave himself a passing grade on his life test and went on about his life feeling empowered.  It wasn’t until he got a frantic call three days later from Samantha that he thought of her again.  She was in a panic.  Brandon gladly volunteered to lend a hand and he was on his way to her house, just off Jimmy Carter Boulevard, 30 minutes later.  


  Samantha greeted him with a big hug like he was a long lost friend.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining brightly. They made a good team, reading instructions, coordinating, and building. As the sun started to set, Brandon excused himself for the evening and made his way home, extending the offer to be there bright and early in the morning to continue his help.  


  True to his word, he came bearing gifts.  He’d stopped off at the Farmer’s Market to get fresh juice and berries. He brought a Sunday AJC and fresh croissant still warm from the Publix oven.  Sufficiently nourished, they began what would easily be the final leg of their construction journey. They laughed and shared stories of recovery and healing as they sawed and nailed with rented power tools.  While working, Brandon was struck with the realization that he was actually attracting a different caliber of woman because he himself was different. For almost all of his adult life, he’d blamed the women in his life for his failed relationships. Not once had he ever considered that he was responsible for attracting dysfunctional relationships because he was the broken magnetic force.  


With two full days of cooperative effort, the tree house was essentially complete.  With the exception of staining the wood, it was the private clubhouse of any 5th graders dreams. 


“I’d really like to thank you for all your help.  Would you like to come over for dinner next weekend?  It won’t be much but it will at least be my way of saying thank you for all your time and energy. In fact, I won’t take no for an answer.  Friday night at 8:00.”  Samantha hesitated; realizing she might be a little bit too forward because they hadn’t established that there was a reciprocal romantic chemistry.  


  Brandon noticed her apprehension, lifted her baseball cap and kissed her gently on the forehead, and said, “I’ll be here Friday at 8, wouldn’t miss it for the world.”  All week long, Brandon thought of little else.  He did his best not to project but it was difficult.  He made a conscious choice to focus on his journaling, visualization, and cleansing meditation, his tools for transformation.  


  Friday night arrived and Brandon could barely contain his excitement.  He actually missed Sam, missed her company, missed the way they joked together, he missed her spirit.  He put on a pair of dress slacks and a silk shirt and with flowers in his hand he headed off to his dinner date.  


  The woman who opened the door was NOT the same woman who Brandon had become accustomed to. Standing before him was a breathtaking beauty; it was an image Brandon hadn’t even imagined before.  Her hair was down and framed her pretty face and she’d traded in her running pants and denim jacket for a sexy, black dress.  She led him through the house and out into the back yard.  She climbed the ladder first and for the first time, he noticed her soft, womanly curves.  She’d lit the tree house with candles and had gone all out, well Piccadilly had gone all out, to lay out a full spread.  


“Please, sit down,” as she pointed to a pallet of blankets, she’d spread out on the floor.  She thanked him for all his help and relayed how overjoyed her son was with his new tree house. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of his element, Brandon sat, at a loss for words.He wanted to say something but he was definitely in uncharted territory. Samantha went about fixing him a plate of food and chatting away as if she was unaware that the conversation was one-sided. She was painfully aware, however, that Brandon was uncomfortable, and she did her best to make him feel at ease.


“I’m sorry, I think I should go,” Brandon said, as he started to stand to leave.  He was stuck in his head and it was telling him that he was out of his element. He was feeling unworthy of the potential relationship that was developing right before his eyes. All his life, he’d used women to cater to his ego, he’d never had the potential for such a wonderful companion in his life. It was all a little too overwhelming for him and his fight or flight instinct took over and flight was winning.  


Samantha stood and tried to busy herself blowing out candles, saying goodbye and anxious to have him leave before she broke down in tears. She was confused as to what went wrong so quickly and she was doing her best to play it off.  Brandon paused and stood still. If there was anything he had learned in therapy, it was that he needed to be accountable for his actions and to how they affect other people. He steadied himself and he stood still.  


  The words came slowly at first, unsure of how to fix the mess he’d made. He didn’t want to leave.  He wanted to stay, he wanted to lay her on the floor right then and there and make love to her but he wouldn’t let his old behaviors get in the way. Before he knew it, he was spilling his guts about how overwhelmed he was with emotion and how unprepared and inadequate he felt in dealing with these sorts of emotions. Before he knew what was happening, Samantha was in his arms, her arms were around his neck holding him tightly, whispering in his ear that everything would be okay.  


  Brandon held Samantha tightly. Her body fit in his arms and his lips found the nape of her neck.  He kissed her softly as he shut his eyes.  It was like a dream state.  His heart was pounding and his breathing was shallow. He wanted to run. He was sure if he gave into his desires, he’d ruin what could be the best thing that ever happened to him.  


  It was Samantha that took things into her own hands.  She was confident that there was a connection that couldn’t be denied. It was a relationship that had potential; there was an undeniable heat that was smoldering between them. He held his face in her hands and kissed his mouth softly. Brandon had butterflies in his stomach and his knees were weak. It was like his first kiss ever. He heard her soft whispers like music to his ears.  


  Samantha stepped back and lowered the straps on her dress.  The candlelight shimmered on her body, making her brown skin glow.  She layed down on the blankets and it was all Brandon could do to keep from hyperventilating.  “Stay with me,” she said, as she spread her legs and invited him to lay with her.  


  Brandon swallowed hard. He undid the buttons on his shirt, each one feeling like it was an impossible task to accomplish. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor.  Leaving his boxer briefs on, he lay on top of Samantha. Her soft skin was like heaven.  She wrapped her legs around him. Brandon felt like he was in a cocoon of sweet femininity. His dick was as hard as a rock and she was grinding her body against him, making him dizzy with sensations.  It was the first time in his life that he was really going to make love to a woman.  He’d only known her for a little less than two weeks yet there was something in him that told him that this was the real thing.  This was the woman he could easily spend his life with. For so long, he’d been looking for the perfect woman to make him a better man. When he became a better man, the perfect woman came into his life without any effort.  


  It was important to Brandon to take things slowly, to give Samantha pleasure. He wanted to learn her body, to let go of everything he’d learned in the past to experience making love with her for the first time, as if it was his first time.  He could feel the heat from her body scorching him; he wanted to be inside her in a way he’d never felt before.  It was an overwhelming desire to connect to her.  


  Their kisses grew more passionate and the temperature was rising. The sounds of the summer crickets serenaded them as he began kissing his way down her body.  He undid the clasps on her bra and began sucking her hardened nipples. Samantha moaned, grabbing his head in her soft hands and caressing his head. He kissed his way down her body, licking her tummy and down his way to her panties. She slid her panties down her legs and Brandon stared at her pussy. Her lips opened sensually and seemed to be calling to him. He lowered his mouth to her and began gently lapping at her flowing juices.  His tongue softly licked her sweetness from front to back, tasting her honey and savoring her flavor. His tongue circled her clit, causing Samantha to moan louder and wrap her legs tightly around his head. Brandon flicked her clit softly, making Sam tremble and squirm.  


“Brandon, make love to me, please.”  She was pleading with him, desperate to have him inside her.  Brandon paused, nervous again.  He pulled his briefs down to mid thigh his heart skipped a beat as Samantha pulled her legs back.  He took the head of his dick and placed it in her hole.  The heat traveled up his body and Samantha pulled him to her.  Her silky walls grabbed him and pulled him deeper.  Their cries echoed out into the calm night sky.  He was stroking her hard and she was meeting each thrust with passion.  It was too intense.  Brandon couldn’t control himself.  He needed to be deep inside her, to fill her completely.  Perspiration glowed on their bodies and their grunts became animal-like.  He braced himself and started working her pussy, hitting every spot, every angle.  He was a machine, giving her pleasure like he’d never done before, experiencing pleasure in ways he’d never known were possible.  


  Samantha was cumming all over him. Her body was trembling and her juices were flowing freely.  She was begging for more, pleading with him not to stop, so Brandon concentrated and kept up his technique. He placed her legs on his shoulders and gripped her hips tightly.  Her soft flesh filled his hands. The head of his dick was hitting bottom and he couldn’t stop his own orgasm from overtaking him. The cum in his nuts boiled up and exploded inside his lady love as she held him tightly to her body.


  They pulled the blanket over them as they lay cuddling in the summer breezes.  They were in their haven of romance and intimacy, one that they had created with their own hands. They’d built a solid structure on a concrete foundation, both literally and figuratively and both the tree house and the relationship were formed with power tools.  


Copyright 2006 AfroerotiK



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