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Meeting in the A

“Damn, Wayne.”  Those were the only words rolled off my tongue.  Any other coherent thoughts were lost between getting off of the plane and just now.

Ok, I guess I should take you back….

I had just touched down at Hartsfield Airport.  I was only in town for one full day, having scheduled a return flight the next morning. I didn’t even tell my best friend I was in town, I had one mission and that was to meet him and fuck his brains out.  Walking off the plane with only my carryon, I text him to see where he was. His flight was scheduled to land 30 minutes before mine and I was hoping there was not a delay in his flight since I was so ready to feel him up against my body.

Before I could even get the reply, I stepped off the tarmac and immediately saw the object of my desire.  He was leaning up against a pole, with one leg casually crossed over the other looking good enough to eat. We hugged and for a moment I swore there wasn’t another soul in the airport. We walked hand in hand out the doors into a waiting taxi. We’d made reservations for the closest Marriott to the airport. No need to waste time going too far. I needed him to be inside me as soon as possible.  Before we could even pull away from the airport, I had my tongue in his mouth and his hands were caressing my breasts through the fabric of my shirt.

I whispered in his ear that I wasn’t wearing any panties. Immediately, his hand moved to rub my thighs and higher still up my skirt, finding me already hot and wet. He groaned into my mouth, obviously extremely turned on by what he found. We were at the hotel in no time. I think we forgot about the cab driver, but once we arrived at the hotel I could tell his face was flushed by what he had just witnessed.  I probably should have been embarrassed, but at the moment I didn’t care, I just wanted to get him to myself.

Check in went as smoothly as everything else had that day, thank goodness, and before too long we were entering the room. Even before the door closed, he had me back in his arms and up against the door. He pulled my skirt up over my hips and simultaneously it dropped to the ground. Putting one of my legs on his shoulders, he took the opportunity to suck each one of my lips into his mouth, generously sucking each lip over and over again before spreading my lips and began to lick my juices.  My hips must have had a mind of their own because I started to move my pussy all over his face. He dipped his tongue and penetrated my hole. With that, I lost it and came all over his lips and tongue.

“Ok, your turn.” I said as I pulled him to a standing position. I kissed his lips, tasting me all over him. Mmmm.  I took his pants and shirt off swiftly. He wasn’t wearing underwear either and that turned me on even more.  I kissed my way down his body, paying special attention to his sexy ass stomach. When I reached his dick, the only word I could use to describe it would be beautiful. I took it between my hands and gently started to massage it. It felt so good against my fingertips but I knew it would be even better in my mouth. Sticking my tongue out, I began with little licks all over the head and on the sides, licking it like you would an ice cream cone. I looked up and his head was back against the door, eyes closed.

I told him to look at me while I sucked his dick. I felt his eyes on me and his hands in my hair as I began to slowly suck him into my mouth.  I had to stop every few seconds so my mouth could adjust to his size, but I continued until his entire dick was in my mouth and the tip was touching the back of my throat. I swallowed so he could feel my throat tighten around his dick. I started to slow fuck his dick with my mouth, pulling all the way out until just the tip was in my mouth and descended until he was buried in my throat. I did this a few more times until he couldn’t stand it. He took matters into his own hands and began to fuck my mouth in earnest. My cheeks began to get a little sore, but no way was I stopping until he came. About ten more strokes and I knew he was cumming. I thought he would want me to swallow him, but in a surprise move he took his dick out my mouth and came all over my face and lips.

Now, I have never been given a facial, but I must admit that having him cum on my face and lips really turned me on.  I rubbed his dick all over my lips, cheeks, eyelids and anywhere else his cum covered. I sucked his dick again just to get the last drops out.

Wayne suggested we get cleaned up a bit, so I went to the bathroom and ran us a bath in the garden tub and washed the remnants of his cum off my face. Once the water was ready, I called him into the bathroom and waited for him to join me. We sat opposite each other and just began to talk a little. He found my feet with his hands and began to give me a slow and sensual foot massage. It felt so heavenly. The pressure points that he touched in my feet were sending signals straight to the middle of my core. Every so often, I would feel my pussy begin to quiver with mini orgasms. My mind was blown when he pulled my foot out of the water and began to caress each toe with his tongue. I don’t know how he manages to turn me out every time we get together, but I imagine this time would be no different. Each foot was treated to the same lavish attention.

I was so turned on; the only thing I could think was I wanted to feel his dick deep inside of me. I joined him on his side of the tub and straddled his lap. I could feel his hardness sandwiched in between my ass cheeks and for the moment, I just rubbed my ass up and down his dick, kissing him on the lips and nipping at his ears. His hands were very active as he rubbed every inch of my back around to my nipples and down my stomach.

I lifted up onto my knees and reached down to guide him to me. The feel of his dick penetrating my waiting hole was exquisite. I sank onto him until his entire being was embedded in me. He grabbed my ass cheeks and massaged them as I began to work my pussy on his dick. I rocked back and forth on him, with one hand on my clit and the other wrapped around him for stability. I offered my nipples to him to suck and he didn’t disappoint me. His tongue wrapped around one of my nipples and suckled like a newborn. I was on sensory overload with the feeling of his dick in me and his lips working magic on my breasts.  I couldn’t take it anymore; I came all over his dick. He had staying power. He fucked me hard through my orgasm until I came back down and then began to slow fuck me, building another orgasm deep inside. With each stroke I became more and more undone. I didn’t think I could handle another one, but also didn’t think he would give me much choice. You should be careful of what you ask for, you might just get it. As his speed increased I could tell he was about to lose control of his impending orgasm. All I could do was hold onto the side of the tub and meet him at the point of explosion.  With one final push, we both detonated into tiny orgasmic pieces. As my orgasm subsided, he wrapped his arms around me and held me close and let me drift off into a peaceful sleep.

I’m sure it was only a few minutes that I was out but it felt like hours. When my eyes opened, all I could see was his pearly whites smiling at me. Damn he’s entirely too sexy. “Ready to get out?” he asked. All I could do was nod. I had no clue where to find my voice.

He lifted me out of the tub, dried me off and told me to lay face down on the bed facing the television.  Who am I to say no? As he walked in the room he turned the television on to ESPN, he knows this is my favorite channel, and reached into his backpack for something.  Coming to the bed he straddled my hips and poured scented oil onto my back and down the crack of my ass. His hands on my body felt heavenly. Slowly and deliberately, he caressed and kneaded my muscles into submission, traveling from my neck to the spot right beneath my ass cheeks.  Goodness, he had me so wet. Every time I would bury my head into the pillow from sheer pleasure, he would tell me to keep watching the television.

He paid special attention to my ass, pulling and pushing. Dribbling a little more oil into the crack he pulled my cheeks apart and pushed a digit into my ass getting me nice and lubed up. He continued on for a few more moments and then I felt another sensation. He explained he was putting anal beads in and admonished me to relax; he must have gotten them out of his bag when he got the massage oil. After he pushed about 5 beads in, he spread my legs and told me to get on my knees but keep my shoulders on the bed.  By this time I was dripping wet and he had no trouble sliding his rock hard dick in. The pressure of him inside me and the beads made me cum almost immediately. Holding my hips he began to pound into me, making the sexiest sounds. I tried to rise up, but he pushed me back down making my back arch even more.  I began to play with my clit and damn it was sensory overload. I felt tiny impulses began to shoot from my core to the ends of my fingertips. My pussy started to pulse, kind of like its own heartbeat, and as he sensed my explosion near, he yanked the beads from my ass and sent me crashing over the edge and him following right behind me.

With my eyes closed, my ass still in the air and him firmly planted inside me, all I can say is “Damn Wayne…”

Written by Janan


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