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Heavy Petting

Part 1 – Grooming

Trying as she may, Crystal was not having wonderful day. The day started off great – she woke up rested, grounded, happy and excited. After weeks of struggling to find a date, and months without feeling his touch, she would finally be back in Jack’s arms this afternoon. And tonight, they would have a new adventure, testing and fulfilling their desires at P – Atlanta’s premier swing club. Smiling all the way to airport, body tingling from head to toe, Crystal was literally dripping with anticipation. Eight hours later though, including four hours of delays, Crystal’s fire and passion had turned to frustration and pity.   

Crystal was in regular contact with Jack throughout her increasingly difficult sojourn. As always, Jack tried to soothe and calm her. The bass of his voice licked deep in her ear, soothing some of the tension building in her neck.

“Let’s breathe together baby. Breathe in, fill up your diaphragm, hold it, and exhale out your tension, disappointment, negative energy. Breathe in love, joy and the promise that we will be together soon.” Jack crooned reassuringly.

“Thank you, babe. I’m trying, but this is so annoying. We’ve been grounded here and redirected to three different gates.”

“I know Crystal, the weather in Atlanta is crazy with all the rain today. It’s supposed to clear up soon though.”

“Are we even going to be able to go to the club tonight? I’m going to need a shower and am not feeling particularly sexy right now.”

“Don’t worry about that baby. You know I got you and have things under control, always. We will make it and have a great time.”     

“Ok, I am about to get on the plane. I will call you when I land”

“I’ll be here, see you soon babe.”

Two and half hours later, Crystal was walking to baggage claim where Jack would meet her.  Right before she made the last turn to baggage claim she stopped and took several deep breaths. She tried to get out of her head and shake the frustration from the day, but it was preying on her mood. She didn’t want to ruin her time with Jack, especially after it took them so long to arrange this meetup.  One more deep breath and then she walked the rest of the way to the exit.

When she pushed through the exit door, she saw Jack standing a little way down the corridor. His face lit up when he saw her and his big smile spread a smile across her face. Her pace quickened even as her legs weakened slightly with the delight in seeing Jack walk towards her.

Jack stopped a few feet in front of Crystal. “Welcome to Hotlanta!” he exclaimed as he pulled two huge bouquets of flowers from behind his back. He closed the remaining distance between them and gave her a huge, rose-filled hug.   Their bodies melted into all the familiar nooks and crannies like butter on an English Muffin. It had been so long, but it felt like they had never parted.  Crystal breathed in deeply as Jack squeezed her tight against his chest.  Her head filled with the intoxicating musk cologne that she bought special for him. He only used it when they saw each other.  Jack once told her when he puts the musk on, he is marking him as her territory and growled. Being cradled in his arms like this, Crystal couldn’t help but let out a gentle purr of her own.

“It is so good holding you again,” Jacked moaned slowly in her ear.

“God yes, I missed the feel of you,” Crystal whispered back. Jack was squeezing away some of the stress of the day, but annoying portions still remained.

Jack pulled back from Crystal and kissed her softly, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. His lips were moist and trembled as he breathed her in. He gently stroked the side of her mouth to open her lips ever so slightly as he tilted his head to taste and satisfy the longing of her tongue.

“We may need to stop before someone throws a bucket of water on us to separate us.” Jack sighed as he eased reluctantly back from Crystal’s lips.

“Ok, you’re right”, Crystal said poutingly.

“Anyway, our chariot awaits, my fine sexy lady.”

As they walked to the garage, Jack began telling Crystal a funny, but overly detailed, story of his day in Atlanta. As she listened and the press of Jack’s lips faded from her lips, the weight of her day burrowed back into her mind. She began to fret.

“Jack, I am so sorry that I was late. I feel like I ruined our weekend.”

“Crystal, I told you, everything is fine. I got you baby.”

“I know, I know, but we were going to spend the day together and go to the club tonight.”

“Oh, we are still going to the club tonight, and we are going in style!” Jack exclaimed, waving toward a parked black Escalade, with tinted windows and custom rims.

“What’s all this?” Crystal asked suspiciously.

“It’s our ride for the evening. We are in Hotlanta, so we are going to ball like the ballers tonight!” Jack said busting a move in front of Crystal

Crystal stared at Jack sarcastically. “So, don’t ever say or do that again.” Crystal chuckled gesturing at Jack’s pose.

“Whatever. You just mad because I’m fly.” Jack said with a grin “Just get in and smell the leather” he giggled holding the car door open for Crystal.

“Where are we going?” Crystal inquired

“You’ll know when we get there. Until then, just enjoy the ride.” They drove off into the night.

Crystal sat mostly quiet as they drove through the city streets. Jack tried some small talk, but stopped after a while and focused on driving. A few minutes later he pulled the Escalade into a parking lot in what looked like a commercial park. Jack turned off the engine.

“Where are we?” Crystal asked looking out the window

“Crystal,” Jack began, turning to face her and ignoring her question. “I know you’ve had a trying day and I can feel you holding it in your energy.” Jack said in a steady tone. “I’ve tried to help you let it go, but you can’t seem to help yourself.” Jack said as the bass in his voice deepened, filling the car with a low, building rumble. Jack leaned slightly toward Crystal staring deep into her widening eyes. “So, I will relieve you of the burden of your being, and Master will take control.”

It never failed to shock her when Jack switched into his Master persona. It was such a drastic shift from his sweet, gentle, patient nature. Master was firm, uncompromising, tender when it suited him, but stern with his punishments. Master’s aura demanded her submission, straightened her spine, bowed her head and made her body tremble and pussy ache. He had trained her well.

“From here on out, your only purpose is…to…Obey!”

The word, obey, echoed through her body like the hard clap of a paddle on her ass. Her breath caught in her throat as if a leather gloved hand was pressed against her neck; mouth salivating as if a thick salty cock was shoved into her mouth.   

Crystal struggled to speak, but whispered, “Yes Master”

“I did not say you could speak.” Master said sharply. Crystal pressed her lips closed and stared wide eyed anticipating Jack’s discipline. “You have no words tonight. Just grunts, moans, screams, and whimpers.” Master said sternly.

“Out of the car.” Master commanded. Crystal reached for the handle and quickly got out of the car, closing the door gently behind her.

Master languidly got out the car and walked slowly around the bulk of the Escalade where Crystal was waiting, gaze cast down.

Master  stood silently in front of Crystal for several long moments, the shadow of his silhouette engulfing her fully.

“Get in the back of the car and take off your clothes. Fold them neatly and place in the front passenger seat. Then sit on the back seat with your legs crossed and hands folded on your lap and wait for me.” Master directed.

He opened the door and helped Crystal climb into the back seat of the Escalade. The second row of seats were missing from the Escalade leaving a cavernous area with a back seat the width of a small couch. Master had spread their sex blanket across the back seat, likely to catch Crystal’s voluminous waters.

Crystal quickly executed her Master’s order, in the precise sequence that he listed. Even though he wasn’t there, he somehow always knew if she deviated from his commands. And there were always consequences. Sometimes she would secretly make a mistake on purpose, craving the attention of his discipline. But not tonight. Obey.

As she sat, legs crossed, hands folded, Crystal was only focused on obeying her Master’s every command. The stress and thoughts of the day had completely evaporated, erased by the sweet release of giving control of her being to her Master.

Master returned from fetching his items from the back of the car. He opened the left side door and sat two 3-gallon water urns with spigots on the floor. On top of the urns he placed two large wooden bowls that contained three loofa sponges and a long bristled circular brush. Finally, he sat a black leather satchel on the floor on the side of the urns.  He shut the door, walked around the car, peered in the front passenger seat and opened the right-side door. Master placed a wooden footstool in the middle of the floor, stepped inside, sat on the footstool and shut the door. The street lamp cast just enough ambient light for Crystal to make out Master’s figure. He had changed into loose fitting black khaki shorts, slip on sandals and a button up kaftan. Crystal noticed her leather paddle hanging from his belt with silent menace.

From his perch Master surveyed Crystal. “I see you have been a good girl like I trained you to be. I am pleased. Tonight, I will reward you by allowing you to be my pet.  But first, I will need to groom you properly.” Master proclaimed with a devilish twinkle in his eyes. Crystal’s clitoris jumped and her nipples stiffened.

“Get on all fours and turn sideways,” Master ordered. He picked up the circular exfoliating brush and strapped it to his right hand. He reached under her throat with his left hand to hold her neck in place while he scraped the brush from back of her neck, over her shoulders, down her arms and back in long firm strokes. In his big, heavy hands, the hard, coarse bristles bit into Crystal’s skin causing her to wriggle reflexively. “Stay still,” Master said sternly, tightening his grip on Crystal’s neck for emphasis. He continued down her ass, and feet, leaving a trail of light, fine scratches on her tender skin. He transferred the brush to his left hand and held the back of her neck with his right hand and he brushed her chest, breast, stomach and sides. He put the brush down and took Crystal’s paddle and spanked her body lightly all over, setting her nerve endings on fire.

“You are doing well my pet. You can rest your head on the blanket, while I prepare for your next treatment. But keep your lovely ass up high so I can see it”

Crystal put her head down as she was told. As she lowered her head her ass cheeks naturally spread, drawing her attention to the slowly building desire to have her asshole filled. As she took a deep breath in – imagining Master’s thick cock sliding in and out of her tight asshole – she was surprised to smell a soft hint of lavender.

Master had poured lavender body wash in one wooden bowl and mixed in steaming water from the urn with a loofa sponge. In the other bowl he poured clear water and submerged another sponge.

“Alright pet, sit up and put your head over the back seat.” Crystal did as instructed, the lavender smell resting heavier in her nose. She heard water dripping in the bowls and then felt the smooth sting of hot water down the left side of her back as Master ran the loofa down her back. Almost instantly, the sting of the hot water was soothed by cooler water as Master ran the other loofa down the same path. He continued moving slowly across and down her body, alternating hot and cool, soapy and clear water. After the rawness of the exfoliating brush, the hot and cool sensation of Master’s sponge bath made Crystal moan deep in her throat.  He used the dry loofa sponge to dry the water from her skin.

“Ah, it sounds like my pet likes her pampering,” Master said playfully.  Crystal moaned louder and wriggled her ass to signal her delight.  “Yes, I like when you shake your ass like that. Hold your cheeks open for me.”  Master took the hot loofa and pressed it deep into her asshole. Crystal moaned louder as the hot water spilled out her ass and ran down her thighs.  As Master eased the loofa out of her ass, he snaked his devilishly long tongue deep up Crystal’s moistened hole as she spread her cheeks wider to let him in. Crystal felt her Master’s tongue all the way up her spine through her shoulders and to base of her skull. She felt like he was fucking her brain with every thrust of his tongue. Master glided his meaty fingers in her wet pussy in an alternating rhythm of his tongue in her ass.  Crystal trembled and moaned loudly as Master fingered her pussy and ate her ass.  Crystal started to overflow and her juices spilled out of her pussy down her legs and gushed into Master’s hand.

Master’s soft, thick tongue felt so good in her ass, but she ached to be opened up wide and taken fully by her Master. As if he read her mind, Master slid his tongue out of her and started fingering her pussy harder. “So, is my pet ready for her bone?” Master said teasingly. Crystal wanted to scream out yes, but had to obey her Master’s command to not speak. Instead, she whimpered her desire. “Do you think you deserve it?” Crystal whimpered more frantically. Master smiled and took a handful of her gushing juices to lube up his throbbing thick dick. “Ok, spread your ass more for me.” Master commanded. Crystal, dug her nails into her juicy ass cheeks and pulled them open as wide as could, clenching her jaw to ready herself for her Master to enter her. It wasn’t enough.

Master grabbed Crystal’s hips and thrust the full length and girth of his hard cock deep inside her ass and pressed hard.  Crystal eyes rolled back and she felt like her head would explode.  She forgot how to breathe, how to think, how to be – there was only the infinity of Master’s cock so, so, deep in her ass. After a while, Master eased back slowly, and time, existence, reality melted back. Crystal finally released the long, gasping shriek that her body was holding.

“Yes, yes my pet. That’s it,” Master crooned sweetly as he slowly fucked Crystal. “Give yourself to me. Be my good girl. My pet. And Be Free.” Yes, that was what Crystal wanted, to live in this moment of freedom. She longed for it. She was hungry for it. And in her hunger she rode Master’s cock harder and faster. Master matched her insistent rhythm, driving her forward into the seat with each powerful thrust. Crystal could feel his cock in her stomach, her throat, her mind – all over her body. They were lost in a torrent of bestial fucking. Crystal’s screams turned to deep primal grunts. She lost control of her limbs and her body convulsed violently. But Master wrapped his strong arms around her bent over body like a vice, fucking her mercilessly like two dogs in heat.

Tears streamed down Crystal’s cheeks as she felt her body crescendo and tighten into an endless spasm of pleasure and passion.  Master continued fucking Crystal as her body fell limp, awash in her juices and Master’s sweat.  “Yes, my pet,” Master grunted deeply, “It’s time for your treat, come get your milk bone!”  Master pulled out Crystal’s ass and spun her around to fill her waiting mouth with his milk. Crystal leeched onto her Master’s pulsating cock draining most of his sweet heavy load, while the rest flowed down her cheek and neck.

Master slumped back on the footstool, sweating and breathing heavily. “Welcome to Hotlanta, my pet.” he exhaled with a big smile.  Crystal smiled too as she laid curled up on the back seat, licking her Master’s delicious milk off her lips and hands.        

They sat in silence for several moments, pulses slowing, sweat drying on their skin.  “So, my pet, our night is just beginning. We’ll head off to the club shortly.” Master said slowly. “But before that, there is one final part of your grooming.” He reached into his satchel and pulled out a black velvet cloth that was folded over twice.  He opened the cloth to reveal a diamond flecked, black leather collar that spelled pet in cursive letters. Next to the collar was a black furry tail that hung from a silver anal plug.  “You and I know that you are my obedient, little pet,” Master said seductively “and with these, everyone else will know too.” The thought of a whole club full of strangers knowing that she was owned by her Master sent a thrill through her body

“Get on your knees and face the back.” Master commanded. Crystal quickly complied. Master fastened the collar around Crystal’s neck and she instinctively nuzzled his hands. She enjoyed the satisfyingly snug fit of her collar.  Master retrieved a bottle of thick lube from his satchel and doused the silver plug with it. He gently spread Crystal’s asshole with his fingers and slid the plug in. The lubed metal plug felt cool as it slipped in. There was little to no resistance as she had been thoroughly stretched by her Master. Her sphincter closed around the plug and the tail felt like a natural extension of her. Crystal let out a small giggle as the tail tickled the back of her thighs as she switched her ass slightly from side to side.

“Ok, my pet. You curl up on the backseat and I will drive us to the club. Next stop, Play Time!”         


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