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Goddess Series: Book 1 – Kali

Goddess Series: Book 1 Kali
I haven’t graced the streets of Atlanta in well over a decade, so tonight was going to be

fun. I’ve missed the southern charm of Fulton County, the heartbeat of The

Underground, and the nightlife of Buckhead, however, this evening felt

different…electric. Like it was calling me.

I received an invitation to an exclusive night of sensual debauchery. I had become a

prude since moving away and I was overdue for a moment to overindulge. I had packed

the sheerest of black fabric to adorn my honey-colored skin. I wanted every eye to see

what was underneath. I slipped my feet into my Opyum, clear black YSL pumps. I let

my natural curls frame my face and headed to my uber black waiting outside. I donned

my required eye mask as I stepped out of the car, adjusting my dress just enough for

the driver to drink me in. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t my type.

I walked up to the venue and handed my invitation to the sentry at the door. A devilish

smile crept across his face as he directed me to my table. As I transverse the dimly lit

room, I notice stares, heard whispers, and felt gentle touches brushing against my

flesh. I relished at the moment (
oh Atlanta, how I have missed you). I took my seat and

noticed all the delicious eye candy at my table, from champagne beige to ebony

mocha. I thought to myself, “I’d gladly dine or die here happily.”

I visualized the idea of eating my fair share of caramel and chocolate as the music

soundtracked my fantasy. That’s until I felt eyes watching me. I looked around.

Nothing. Guess I was just being paranoid. I shook my head and lifted my gaze. An

unforgettable warmth crept across my body as my breath hitched and my eyes met

those very familiar sepia pearls across the room.


How do you run from your demon when she’s a goddess?

Kali was the reason I had left the ATL. She was my drug of choice, and I was an addict.

The way she looked at you…the way her presence changed the atmosphere…the way

her touch had you reaching for the stratosphere. My god, she was the optime of a

guilty pleasure. My submission was my reasonable service. There was nothing I

wouldn’t do for The Goddess Kali.

My eyes searched the floor. It was then that I realized how I ended up here, who sent

the invitation, why the bouncer smirked, all those whispers…She knew I would come. I

lifted my eyes. She tipped her glass and head at me and smiled. I tried all night to avoid

her gaze, watching the “show” before me…that’s until she graced the platform with

some “sub”. She had that little cub swooning to lick her boots. My Goddess deserved a

better subject, a better worshipper, a better lover. She has always deserved…. better. I

felt myself getting jealous seeing her handling and touching another, but also ashamed

because it was because of me that she had to seek one out.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she made that little cub dance like a marionette doll,
begging like an untrained puppy. Not once did The Goddess break eye contact with me.

She still had a pull on me, and she knew it. When she released the little simp from her

bonds, she nodded towards the restroom. It wasn’t a request. She commanded me to

go…And I wasted no time.

I walked inside what I thought was the restroom, and to my surprise, it was a sitting

area, with couches. People were in there adjusting their attire, straightening their

pantyhose, and touching up their make-up in mirrors that covered all the walls and the

ceiling. It was almost like a VIP lounge in an exclusive club.

I saw her reflection when she walked in. Her eyes studied every inch of my frame as if

she was applying it to memory. People spoke to her, but she didn’t return a salutation.

Instead, she walked past them as if they didn’t exist. I turned to face her. A mistake. As

soon as I caught a glimpse of her, the world around me stopped. I heard nothing. I

smelled nothing. I felt and saw nothing but her.

That familiar feeling returned. My skin started to flush, and my knees began to weaken.

Everything she ever taught me came rushing back to me all at once. I recalled her voice

in my head saying, “What do you do in the presence of a God?” Kneel. That is exactly

what I did.

I felt her squat down. She cupped my chin and said, “Oh how I’ve missed you.” A

sinister undertone lurked in those words. She was going to make me pay for deserting

her…I awaited her chastening.

She helped me to my feet and guided me to the wall. She pressed my body against it.

With her hand twisted in my curls, she pressed my face on the cold mirror. She inhaled

my neck deeply, from my shoulder to my ear. She said, “You smell of Lost Cherry and

fear…my favorite fragrance.” She slowly ran her free hand across my body…my breasts,

my side, my bottom, squeezing all my soft spaces. I felt my center begin to pool. Why

is she doing this? Why doesn’t she just yell at me and get it all out? My lips quivered as

she unhinged my will. I begged, “Please. I’m sorry.” She pulled my head back and said,

“I’m Sorry Little One…Who are you talking to?”

She pushed my head down slowly causing my body to bend at the waist, pressing my

rear right up against her. She lifted my dress and twisted her fingers around the band

of my thong. I heard it snap as she yanked the lace fabric. She emphasized, “Bad girls

don’t get to wear such delicate things,” as she tucked my panties into her bra. I felt so

exposed and embarrassed. She began spanking me. “You were disrespectful Jade…” I

replied, “Yes, Goddess.” “You disobeyed my rules Jade,” to which I echoed, “Yes,

Goddess.” “Do you deserve to be punished, Jade?” I responded, “Yes, Goddess.” “Am I

generous and merciful Jade?” I muttered, “Yes, Goddess.” “Are you mine Jade?” I

moaned, “Yes, Goddess.”
She has always been my undoing. I felt myself getting wetter by the second. I felt
drops creeping down my inner thigh. She was pushing my self-control.

She told me to turn around and kneel. She took her leg and threw it over my shoulders.

Her leather tennis skirt left nothing to the imagination. The only thing separating me

from her were her fishnets. My nose was so close that I could taste her already. She

played in my hair, teasing me, bouncing her boot on my back, and tempting me to

devour her without her permission. She spoke, but I was in a haze; intoxicated by her

aura. I was bound by her essence, and I missed being her prisoner. “Do you wish to

worship me again Jade?” I nodded my head. She pulled my hair back so that I could

look her in the eyes. She said, “Use your words Little One. Would you like to worship

your Goddess?” I licked my lips and whined, “Your subject would love nothing more

than to honor your altar, Goddess.” She sighed and pushed my head between her legs.

She tasted sweeter than I remembered. Her folds felt softer than my tongue recalled.

She still laced her inner thighs with Montale’s Dark Vanilla…enticing me to lap at her

hollow. Have you ever dined in Utopia and feasted on heaven? That was the rapture

that now eclipsed me. She pressed me deeper inside and I felt her ambrosia running

down the sides of my mouth. I was baptized bent before a Siren. I have always loved

hearing her sing…

I drank from her well until still waters ran dry. She looked down and said, “You have

always served me beautifully.” Her affirmations had a way of making my heart melt.

She removed her leg and helped me to stand. She kissed my lips deeply and I found

myself inebriated all over again with the passionate exchange. I still tasted her syrupy

nectar on my palate. I could not think of any place I would rather be. It wasn’t until she

pulled away breathlessly that I noticed the audience that we had garnered. I was so

focused on her that I forgot that we were still in the lounge. Seeing the embarrassment

creep across my face, she stroked my cheek, looked deep into my eyes, and said,

“Never be ashamed of your worship. Kali could not have asked for a better offering.”

With that, I adjusted my skirt and gingerly wiped the sides of my mouth in the floor-to-

ceiling mirror. She smirked and caressed my hand as we headed toward the door. The

stares and the whispers that accompanied our exit died on my ears. Nothing mattered

to me at that moment. I was back home in the arms of

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