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Bull City Escapades – Part I

“Why won’t he leave?” I said to myself as I was peering through the door window of Edwards Dormitory watching the Campus Police stationed right outside our exit. Any other time it was easy for the residents especially on my floor since I lived in the basement) to sneak guys in the dorm, but not this night! Brad was waiting for me in the distance, by the Education Building so I could sneak him into my room , and I was ready. I had on my long leather trench and stilettos and nothing else, waiting to be devoured by his rumored “monstrous Johnson”.

My impatience was growing. “F this! I can’t wait any longer.” and walked out the side door. I met Brad by the Education building and told him their predicament. He took my hand and led me to the Nursery across from the dorm and into the stairwell. He looked me up and down and began licking his lips. “U gotta stop looking at me with those bedroom eyes girl.. U make a brotha weak!!” I laughed softly and leaned into him as I rubbed on his thick arms. He grabbed me and began to kiss me on the ears (danger) and butterfly kisses towards my neck. His hands slid down and unbuttoned my trench, opened my coat, and a thunderous ,”DAMN!” erupted from his vocal cords. “You came ready huh?”

I just winked and motioned for him to come sit on the steps. With those bedroom eyes of mine that people so often comment about, I seductively pulled his pants down and lo and behold!!! There, staring at me, was a huge beautiful lingam semi erect! I was both fascinated and mortified. “Can I handle this? “”Will I choke to death? “”My mom is paying this out of state tuition and look at me!” Well I pushed all those thoughts in the dark recesses of my mind and decided to go for it.

I looked intently at him and got down on my knees and teased the tip of that massiveness with soft kisses from my lips and tongue. Old boy started to wake up then! I continued to go down his shaft as far as I could all while massaging his balls. I could tell he liked it from the guttural moans wafting across campus. He put his hands in my shoulder length hair and held on for dear life! He then said “Fuck this, come here girl.” He picked my big ass up so fast, I didn’t realize it, and plopped me right on his face as he licked, sucked , and devoured THE HELL outta my large engorged clit… (I was nervous about that because my clit is larger than the norm, but he wasn’t intimidated at all!)

All you could hear this night on the verdant green, was the sound of my juices as he slurped it up like it was his last meal. I couldn’t hold the moans back as I squirted all over his face, clothes, steps and begged him to stop but he kept at it like his life depended on it. By this time, his dick was throbbing and at full mast (12 inches )and wanting some attention, so I did what any good girl would do, and rode the hell outta that dick. When I looked up, I was overcome by fear because standing in the shadows was a Campus Police officer.

I thought to myself, as I continued to ride that dick, “Ahh damn, I’m about to get expelled from school.” But as I looked closer, I noticed that he wasn’t coming any closer and as I peered more intently, I saw that he had his dick out too and was jerking off in rhythm to me and Brad’s fluid movements. That turned me on even more (the beginning of my exhibitionism fetish) and I rode that dick in a frenzy! From the sounds Brad was making, I knew those Kegel exercises were working. I felt his dick hitting my G spot and felt an orgasm coming on. I warned him prior to our encounter telling him that I was a “squirter” and he was about to get a lesson on squirting.

I was moaning, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” He gasped,”me….too!! And in the still of the night, in that one moment we came together… All three of us: me, Brad and the campus police officer. I went back to my dorm, he went back to his dorm on the Hill , and the police officer went back on foot patrol. Everyone spent and satisfied.


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