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Cameron Loves Mia: Daddy’s Home

He grabs her hip and pulls her closer to him, pushing his pulsating mass against her through layers of clothing. She takes a sharp inhale, entangling her fingers in his long locs as she lifts her leg, wrapping it around him. He grips her thigh in response, and a soft sigh escapes her lips.


Cameron Loves Mia: Confession

Cameron’s face was buried in the smooth cocoa skin of her torso now. Breathing her in, Mia was all he could smell, see, hear, feel, taste. He was drunk with her, and he felt himself disappearing more and more, being consumed with something foreign… something powerful, more powerful than anything he’d ever felt.


The First Last Time

Instinctively, I rubbed my ass against her. She responded by grinding against me. With my hand still holding on to her thigh, I dug my nails in her skin. She responded by sucking on
my neck, as if she was still trying to turn me on.


Waking Up

She was asleep and I was still up… Once again!
And she was looking so beautiful under those covers. It would have been cruel of me to wake her up
from that sleep.
But I desired her. That body, its curves, the way she tasted, the way she sounded…


Diving for Pleasure

My tongue, strong and wet, meets its match between her strong thighs. Her moist folds welcome me and my curious mouth. I’ve visited numerous times before but every time feels like the first.


Heavy Petting

After weeks of struggling to find a date, and months without feeling his touch, she would finally be back in Jack’s arms this afternoon. And tonight, they would have a new adventure, testing and fulfilling their desires at P – Atlanta’s premier swing club.


Late Nights, Early Flights

My phone buzzed, bringing me out of my fantasy. I reached for my phone and saw him calling. I
cleared my throat and tried to calm my breathing before answering. “Hello?”
“You’re not starting without me, are you?” his husky voice cooed on the other end.


The Wait is Over (Part1&2)

My legs were wide as they could go & I began to quiver as I pushed the thick dick inside. I heard something loud come from the hall, assuming it was Nick fumbling around in his room, I began pumping faster….


Goddess Series: Book 1 – Kali

What happens when you return to the place that you ran from but the invitation of debauchery is so sweet that you can’t resist? That’s what happens in this short tale of when a woman walks into the presence of the Goddess Kali. (FF)



Sometimes after a long day, a good pet can make everything better.

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