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Off Limits

I knew he was off limits. I also knew there was a sexual attraction between us. What made it even hotter was that he was married and though I’m not a violator. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. He was such a good guy, but I also knew he was unhappy. Hell, I listened to his problems at lunch and all it did was make me want to clench my tight pussy around his dick so he could release his stress. My ass  been abstinent for two years and at this point I was over it. I’ve been watching him walk around the office with his big dick print poking out his slacks and all I could imagine is him trying to fit it in my mouth. Shit, here he is again at my desk. Smelling like come fuck me. Unconsciously I dazed off while he was talking to me. I imagined him walking over to my desk and I am looking up at him. I slowly pulled his perfectly iron shirt from out his slacks. I then unbuttoned his pants, slipped his boxers down, and pulled his big chocolate dick out. A long, thick, chocolate dick with veins giving me directions on where to start with my mouth. I was hungry for it. I licked the top of his head as if it was an old Skool vanilla ice-cream cone. He moaned so loud and then I gently ran my tongue down the side of his dick as I held it with my right hand. My mouth watering and ready to go in for the kill. I relaxed my mouth folded my lips over my teeth. Relaxed my tonsils and slid him inside. Moving my head with a up and down motion while relaxing my tonsils so I could get him deep inside my throat. I guess the tongue scraper I brought had shown proven to help with the gag reflex because he was slipping and sliding down my throat smoothly. He Called my name and then I gently moved down to his balls kissing them lightly. I then entered both of them in my mouth. While sucking slowly and running my tongue over them. He couldn’t help it. He was moaning and groaning loudly. So loudly that I had to tap his leg just in case the custodian was making his rounds. I know I’m over this job but shit it pays the bills. I used my left hand to massage his ass cheeks and then I caressed his balls with my right hand and used my mouth to place him back in it. This time I relaxed my throat and I just let him rest in it. My tonsils giving his head a massage. He started to tell me that he was gonna come and I was ready for him to explode as well. I continued working my tonsils as he yelled, “I’m coming and releases down my throat.” I swallowed every bit of it. Leaving nothing back to clean. He looked down at me and said, “I NEVER.” I told him to shh. I sucked his dick one last time and he damn near had a stroke. I felt accomplished even though the pussy didn’t get any and then I heard, “Tosha.” I was like, “Huh.” He was like,”Your ass been spaced out. Back to earth,Tosha.” He asked what I was thinking and I told him he did not want to know. He looked at me with a smirk and said, “I want you tell me when your ready and walked off.” I thought to myself. I might just.


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