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So. I’ve slept with a few guys. And some were really good and some were really bad. But this guy, we’ll call him Sir, he was an experience all his own. I’ve always been a girl to like it rough but he took my word on it and wore me out. Didn’t hold back nothing.

One time, I came over just to hangout and see him. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and our schedules finally matched up…at least for a few hours. So I head to his house, reminiscing about the last time I went over. I could feel my legs giving out just at the thought. I get to his house and text him cause who knocks on the door anymore. He opens the door, shirtless and with that goofy smile on his face. Unfortunately, that goofy ass smile is contagious so I just stood there smiling like a fucking dork. He hugs me. His big muscly arms wrapped around me. God, why is he so fine?

He invited me in. I walk in and take off my coat. I’d seen his place before but last time I wasn’t really focused on the home decor. I look at all of his art on the walls. Such a variety of paintings. From portraits to interpretive pieces. Most would say it’s cocky to have your own art up in your house but I respect it. I stop in front of one piece. It was a painting of a petite woman tied up in a harness and suspended over a sky line. It was gorgeous. “I see you like this one,” he popped up behind me. “How can I not? It’s gorgeous. Especially how the light comes from behind her.” He smiled modestly. “Well thank you. So how was your day?” he asks as he walks over to the couch. “It was OK. Same old same old. How about you?” I follow and sit next to him. “My day was fine.” He replied “Worked the night shift again so I’m a little tired.” I chuckles “meaning you’re probably gonna end up falling asleep.” He smiled “How can I sleep with you here? “

He gave me that look. He has this look he gives me that turns me on instantly. I tried not to look into his eyes but I couldn’t look away. He knew what he was doing. He broke our gaze and picked up the remote. “So, what do you want to watch?” I snap back to reality (oh, there goes gravity.) “Oh, wha-what evers on . I don’t watch TV often so it’s whatever to me.” He nods and turns on nickelodeon and sponge bob was on. I guess he saw the smile spread across my face; I love sponge bob. It is my # 1 favorite show. Next to Fresh Prince, but this isn’t about that. Anyway, he sat the remote down and laid back. I kick off my shoes and curl up next to him. He wraps his arms around me.

I chilled on the couch for a while and watched TV. At one point I laid my head on his shoulder casually, I took a deep breath and blew on his neck; thinking nothing of it. I felt his entire body tense. Me, being the brat I am, I do it again. I feel his entire body tense up again. I glance down and saw he was getting excited as well. I lay my head back down on his chest while casually resting my hand on his lap. He glanced at me, knowing what I was doing, readjusted so my hand was right on the thick hard bulge in his pants.

I continue watching TV as I stroke up and down his hard dick. I’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about sucking his dick again. I could see the look in his eyes, the look in his eyes said “I will bend you over this coffee table.” and that was the goal. I kept grabbing and stroking it. He eventually couldn’t take it. He pulled his dick out his pants and looked at me “Go ahead, I know you want to.” I couldn’t hide my excitement. I wrapped my lips around the tip, gently licking up and down the shaft before swallowing the entire thing. Feels so good to have his dick in the back of my throat again. I heard him moan as I got to the base of his dick. I start slurping and sucking on his dick, enjoying how it throbs against my tongue. He gets impatient and grabs my neck and pulls me to my feet. He kisses me passionately, His tongue dancing with mine. He pulls away and looks me in my eyes. It was peculiar look.

This look was fiery but soft. Like the flame on a zippo. Strong but fragile and in that moment the world stood still, just for a second. He broke the gaze, turned me around and bent me over. I could hear his belt buckle clattering as he took off his pants.. I was expecting him to start drilling into me but instead I felt a solid sting on my ass. “Ow.” I yelped out. I stood up to see what it was. He smacked my ass again. “Did I tell you to stand up?” The tone in his voice put me in an immediate sub space. I bent back over and unconsciously put my hands behind my back. He sees me put my hands behind my back and goes into his bedroom and I hear him opening and closing draws as if he was looking for something. I hear the door close and his footsteps coming down the hall.

He appears from around the corner with a bundle of rope in hand. He tells me to stand up, I listen. He starts tying me in my favorite tie, the pentagram. A very basic tie but i love the way it tightens when pulled. It’s great for back shots. He pulled my arms behind my back and tied them back. Once he was done he bent me over, came up behind me, caressing my ass in his hand. Pressing his all ready rock hard dick against my dripping wet pussy.

I wanted him to just slide it in already. I was anxious. “Will you please fuck me daddy?” I mumble under my breath. He processed to press and grind into me, teasing me with just the tip of his dick rubbing against me. “What was that, Baby Girl?” I reply a little louder, “Will you please fuck me daddy?” He grabs my hips and pulls me to him, still refusing to put it in. “This, you want this?” I start to get impatient and start grinding back, “Yes, Daddy,” He smacks my ass. “Aht aht aht, Did I tell you to move?” I stand still. “ Good girl. If you want Daddy to fuck you, you have to beg for it. Tell Daddy just how much you want his dick,” I’m getting really impatient. I can feel the juices from my pussy dripping down my thighs. “Please, Please Daddy, I want you to fuck me so bad, my pussy is dripping wet just begging to be full of you.

Please daddy FUCK ME!” I hear a slight chuckle. He pulls back, places his dick right at the opening and says “What a good girl.” He rams is dick in my pussy literally slamming into my cervix. All I can do is moan, He starts off slow, adjusting to how tight my pussy was. I can feel his hesitation as he tries not to bust already. Once he’s comfortable he pulls on the rope and pulls me into him. Fucking me faster and faster. All I can say is “Fuck yes, Daddy.” He puts his leg up on the coffee table so he can get a better angle and just goes to town, plowing into me. I feel myself coming and I think he knew too. As he strokes into me he says, “Did you ask if you could cum?” I was trying to hold myself together and very shakily saying “May I please cum, Daddy?” He started to slow down. “What’s that?” I’m so close. I don’t know how much longer i can wait, “May I please cum, Daddy?” He speeds up slightly, “You think I should let you cum?” All I can do is nod my head. He speeds up more and says “You may cum.” He couldn’t have said it a moment sooner. I immediately cum all over his dick.

My juices squirting everywhere than running down my legs. My moans echo throughout the apartment. My legs give out underneath me, I drop to my knees. Body twitching and convulsing. Possibly one of the most aggressive orgasms I’ve ever experienced. He set me up on the couch and looked at me with a wicked, sexy grin, “You okay, Baby Girl?” I look at him. I want to say fuck you but that will just get me in trouble so I simply say “Yes, Daddy, Thank you, Daddy.” Good. He has me turn around so he can untie my arms. My head is still foggy. He goes to the kitchen and grabs some water. “Here.” I grab the water and basically chug the entire bottle. He smiles. I glare at him. After a few moments of silence he says “Ready for round 2?”

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