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First Night

First time meeting,

It was around 4 on a Saturday and I finally talked her into coming over for dinner and a night of games. I meet her at her car and she’s wearing a nice little black dress showing all her thickness and I can’t help but to chuckle, knowing what I have planned for her tonight. Since we are not going out I chose to be comfortable in some jeans and a t-shirt but made sure to have the YSL cologne on that would make her melt once she smelled me. I opened the door for her and we embraced for the first time. Nothing big, a hug and hello but it was enough to make my dick jump just a little finally touching her for the first time.

On our way upstairs to the apartment I made a slight detour and took her to my roof to show her the view of downtown Atlanta and of Lenox mall since the sun had started to set. It is too cold to stay up there long but I wanted to give her a good visual of what she’s been missing out on. After about 10 mins up there we go down to the apartment and talk a little while I fix her dinner. Tonight I chose to make breakfast for dinner, so I made her French Toast with bacon, scrambled eggs and a mimosa since she’s not a big drinker.

Dinner is great. We talk about plans for the next week and how life is going and then we get to the game portion of the night. I pulled out the I Dare You board game because she was talking about how she’s about that life and I wanted to see if she would play or not. To my surprise she actually let her hair down and went for it. The game is a great ice breaker and we have some fun rolling the dice, picking cards and doing dares. We make a rule that if you don’t want to do what one of the cards says we have to remove an article of clothing or have a drink. Since she doesn’t drink she has the option to drink more of her mimosa or pick a different card. As the game starts to get more interesting she decides she wants to get frisky and goes to get my robe. She has been eyeing it since she first saw it and felt the need to model it for me. She hasn’t taken off any clothes yet but felt she was already under dressed for the game and added a layer to cover up. But she goes to the bathroom and takes the dress off instead. She likes to tease so she gives me a little peak of her matching bra and panty set.while keeping my robe on.I think her mimosas are making her feel all bubbly. She decided to tell me how much she likes me and how she’s enjoying the night. My next dare card is to give a massage and I take this as my opportunity  to show her what my hands can do. I ask if she wants a full massage or just a short one, She opts for the full body option. I lay her down, pull out the massage oils and take off her robe exposing her nice body. Smooth back, nice legs and her ass in the boyshorts she’s wearing. As I give this massage I take my time letting her feel every stroke, rub and press as she melts in my hands. I start at her shoulders and work my way all the way down to her legs. As I work on her thighs she opens her legs a little giving me a view of her yoni and showing me how wet my hands are getting her. I choose not to play with it just yet as i’m enjoying giving her this massage. I flip her on to her back so I can work the front as well. When she lays on her back I take that chance to finally kiss her sexy full lips and tease her with my tongue. After the kiss I go back to the massage but got a little frisky myself and unhooked her bra, getting a full view of her D cup breast. I start kissing and teasing her body until she tells me she has had enough so I end the massage knowing I will give her a happy ending later on. We decided to end the game and watch a movie.

I picked a classic movie,  Brown Sugar Something that we both have seen so we can talk, laugh and joke during the movie. I  went and popped some popcorn, made her another mimosa, grabbed some water and made a pallet on the floor so we  could watch the movie from the projector in my living room. As the movie starts I know we won’t be watching it long because she is acting pretty playful and telling me how I’m just trying to get her to Netflix and chill. We watch the movie up until around the part where Taye Diggs is trying to sign Mos Def. She politely excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Since the massage she hasn’t put her dress back on and is wearing my robe like she owns it now, she wraps herself up and goes into the bathroom. I guess she had a plan in mind because when she comes out she teases me with the robe untied with no bra. With her hair down she’s looking like a model. She tells me I had too much fun giving her a massage and it’s her turn to have fun. I am told to take my shirt and pants off leaving me in just my boxers and to relax. As I’m taking off my shirt she slips into my room to grab something, by the time she gets back I am working on my pants and  she blindfolds me explaining that I don’t need to see what she’s up to and to trust her. She lays me back down on the pallet and starts to give me a massage I think. I’m unsure because she’s not touching me with her hands. She is playfully running the robes cotton across my chest and neck then she presses her lips to mine and gives me another kiss. This time the kiss is deep and passionate. While kissing she straddles me pressing her body on mine and I feel her smooth skin touch mine for the second time tonight. I grab her butt and she stops me telling me she’s in control and if i touch her again she would tie my hands for being bad. I can’t help but challenge her. Since I’m still blindfolded I reach around and grab her ass one more time but take it a little farther and rub up her back around to the front over her breast till I feel her hair and give that a little tug showing my defiance and playfulness. She jumps off me, gets the tie to my robe and proceeds to slowly tie my hands together. When she’s done she whispers in my ear that I’m bad and she has something for bad boys. She leaves me laying there for a minute as I hear the movie playing in the background. Suddenly I hear my ice machine crushing ice, the fridge open and close leaving me thinking “What is she going to do and what does she have in store for me?” She comes back and tells me to open my mouth but I refuse, keeping up with my rebel image. This leads her to run her hand over my bare chest. Her hand was cold as ice which makes me gasp 😮 a little.  Giving her the opportunity to put an ice cube in my mouth and  kiss me again. She straddles me again and this time I can’t do anything but let her have my way with me. She kisses on my neck, rubs ice over my chest and licks off the water as it melts. She kisses me in between the pause she makes. This is getting my dick to rise, I’m pretty sure she feels it because she starts to grind on me like we’re at an early 2000s club or house party. She lets me know she wants me but is enjoying the build up, seems like she wants to continue to play. As she makes a statement to confirm my thoughts, she takes my blindfold off so I can see her for just a few seconds. She is now completely naked and her body looks amazing in the dim light from the projector. I get to tell her how beautiful she is and then she blindfolds me again letting me know I have been bad and won’t be able to look at her for the rest of the interaction. She feeds me her breast telling me to suck them and lick them while she runs ice water down her body. I feel her inching up my body so I’m guessing she’s going to feed me her yoni soon which makes me even harder but she stops at my chest and tells me i have to beg for it. Which I again refuse to do, anticipating her response.

My refusal to beg for it makes her slide back down my stomach to grind on my dick again. I know it is time for the action but I’m still in a playful mood. Since I’m still blindfolded and tied up I am in no situation to make demands but I do so anyway. I told her to go get the condom from my room (got to be safe) and when she came back I wanted her to put her pussy in my face. I’ve been wanting to taste it all night and think it’s finally time. She does half of what I say by going to get the condom but when she comes back she informs me that she is still in control and will do what she wants. She places the condom in my hand and starts to kiss me again. Instead of  straddling me she is standing over me i think but she’s kissing me Spiderman style. Our body’s are not touching but I know she’s close. I feel her hands start to run down my chest. And in one motion she   pulls my dick out of my boxers. As she starts to stroke me she stops kissing me for a second letting me know that she meant what she said and whispers in my ear, telling me  if I want to taste her sweet spot I would have to beg to do so. She starts to stroke fast and i feel her breast hanging over my lips so i go to suck them but she pushes me back still saying “Beg for it”. I have zero control at this point and don’t want to cum from a hand job so I give in and beg for her to let me taste her. She tells me it’s not enough and she wants to know exactly what I want to taste. I oblige by telling her I want her whole body but at that very moment I want her to sit on my face and feed me her pussy. She finally gives in and slows her stroke a little, steps over me and gives me exactly what I was asking for. She braces herself on my chest with one hand and slowly drops down till her clit is hovering right over my face. I ask can she untie my hands so i can get a better angle and she denies me but it’s cool I know what this tongue 👅 can do. She must know what her mouth can do as well because right as i’m starting to spell my name on her clit she takes all of me into her mouth. She gets a slight gasp from me but I’m ready to match her energy.  I go to town pleasuring her yoni till her legs buckle and she cums all over my face. I guess I have won Round 1  when she lets me know she’s ready to feel me inside of her. Again I ask to be untied but she refuses, telling me she’s going to ride me till I cum and then she will uncover and untie me. She takes the condom from my hands and slowly opens it, rolling it down my shaft. She turns around and straddles me again, putting one hand on my chest and the other on my dick. As I start to enter her she tells me I have a nice dick and she has been waiting to feel me inside of her since we started talking a few months ago. She leans in and kisses me as she takes all of me  inside her. She rides me till she cums again and then she does something that makes me cum as hard as her. As she slowly grinds just the tip, she has full body control and I can feel every grind, bounce, and kegel she does on my dick. I let her know I’m about to cum and she does what most ladies do. She goes even harder and I can’t do anything but enjoy the passion. When she is finally done and takes the blindfold off I can see she’s in a state of bliss. I ask her to untie me and then come lay next to me. I restart the movie and she falls asleep on my chest as I play with her hair. I think the mimosas finally got to her along with a few other things, lol. I watched the movie for a few while thinking how she turned my plans on me and how the next time it’s going to be different before falling asleep to also dream about our next encounter.

Part II: The Second Encounter

It’s been a week since our last encounter and she has been talking a lot of shit on the phone about how she put it on me the last time we hung out . I have been planning our next date since the day after she left and man i can’t wait to see her again. As I head to pick her up I listen to a Whoreible Decisions in the background and start to get into the mood for this date. They are discussing BDSM, Dom/Sub relationships which makes me think about something she told me when we first started talking. She once told me my voice could make her submit to me and I wanted to put her to the test tonight. I haven’t told her what we’re doing but to be dressed around 6pm, so I could pick her up and get the date started.

I arrived at her house 10 mins early and to my surprise she is dressed and ready to go. As I ring her doorbell she greets me with a hug and tells me how happy she is to see me. We walk to the car and I notice her outfit for the night. She’s wearing some tight jeans, a sexy kelly green sweater lol( can you even make kelly green sexy) and some heels. She has on light makeup and just got her goddess braids redone showing off her beautiful face. Her lipgloss is popping as Lil Mama would say and her full lips are on display. I’m wearing a black button up, some fitted jeans and a pair of black vans. I just got a fresh cut so my beard is looking amazing and even though I usually wear hats today I’m letting my hair show. I have never had waves but my hair isn’t nappy and with the cut its laid right. As I open the door for her I watch as she gets in the car and she playfully brushes her ass against my leg while making a slick remark about how she can’t wait to feel me again, I guess she is really feeling frisky tonight. But it’s my date and I’m going to be in full control tonight. I close the door, walk around and hop in to get the night started.  I  know it’s going to be one to remember.

As we pull out I change the podcast to a  R&B playlist so we can have something to listen to in the background as well talk and drive up 75 from Stockbridge. I start to get into character during the drive and tell her I have planned everything for the night but I won’t tell her what we are doing. I inform her that during the night every time she does something naughty or talks dirty to me there will be a punishment.  Tonight we will see just how submissive she can be. I can tell this turns her on and she tries to ask what kind of punishment to which I deny her the knowledge to make her think even more how she wants to process. 😈😈😈😈 Mind games are a hell of a drug. The rest of the drive to dinner is filled with small talk about our week, but she keeps trying to figure out where we are going. As we pull up to our first destination she informs me she has never heard of the Sage Woodfire Tavern, I encourage her to trust my taste, enjoy dinner and her questions are going to get her in trouble later on. As we walked in she noticed just how nice the place was and relaxed a little. I can tell she is on edge because she still doesn’t know what the game plan is for the night but i like it like that. We get seated in a booth near the back of the restaurant, the room is dimly lit and it’s like we are there alone, soft jazz music is playing in the background.  Our waiter comes over to greet us and get our drink order. As she goes to say what she wants I stop her and order for her. I know she doesn’t really drink, so I ordered her water as well as a Malibu Rum and pineapple  to see if she likes that taste. She once told me the only alcoholic drink she ever had with her ex was a Long Island, which first time drinkers should never have,  and the mimosas she had at my house last week. I order myself a Jack and coke, the waiter takes off and she looks at me with surprise, suspicion and also a little relief  that I really am  taking control. We talk a little more while we wait for the waiter to come back. While looking at the menu, she tells me she has really been craving some salmon this week. I take the hint and she knows I am  going to order her food also.

As we sit and wait for the waiter to come back, I tell her I want her to do something for me. With a puzzled look she asked me what, I took that moment to explain my first request of the night. I pull out a Panty vibrator, controlled by my phone and tell her to slide in the bathroom, put it close to her clit then return to me. I feel like playing with it a little while we eat,  since we are in a public place I want her to cum as she eats.She is up for the challenge and slides out the booth while grabbing the toy, putting it in her purse. As she walks away I watch as her nice ass sways back and forth. She disappears into the ladies room. While waiting the waiter comes back and I order our meals: steak medium for me with broccoli and mashed potatoes and for her I get grilled salmon with asparagus and wild rice. She returns right as the waiter is leaving the table and whispers to me how bad I am tonight.  Which drives me to turn on the vibrator making her twitch a little. I tell her it is only the beginning and she needs to sit down before I turn it up and she cums in front of all the restaurant’s guests. She slides in the booth and I give her a kiss while turning the toy on once more telling her she was a good girl and can get rewarded with some affection.

As we wait on our food I continue to play with the controls to the toy on my phone while watching her twist and turn in her seat. I can tell she’s turned on but i think me having control of the vibrator is turning her on more. We notice the waiter coming back with our food and drinks, which gives me a chance to turn it up a little so I can see how she reacts with someone around her. I never take my eyes off her as the waiter puts the food down watching ever second of torture i am putting her through. She is in the booth twisting and turning while biting her bottom lips trying not to moan. We are asked if everything looks alright to us and if we need anything else, which I reply while still eying her that we are good. As the waiter leaves she finally lets out a soft moan and begs me to turn it off so she can eat. I enjoy this and remind her of how she made me beg last week now it’s her turn to plead for me to stop. I show her the off button but instead turn the sensation up a little more. By this time she is begging me to turn it down because she is about to let go..  But right as she’s about to cum I turn it off. I can see the confusion in her eyes, trying to figure out why I stopped.  My reason is simple: it’s time to eat and I’m enjoying the tease. I smirk at her, encouraged by the mental and physical game I’m playing with her.

As she cools down we start to talk and eat, but I know she is anticipating the next time I turn our little toy on. So she eats slowly just so I don’t catch her off guard. The look on her face is telling me it’s torture and she likes the game I’m  playing but at the same time is feeling tortured by the unknown. As she takes her last bite of salmon I turn it back on, causing  her to drop the folk. Since I have been finished eating for a while I slide around the booth to sit with her.  She doesn’t even notice that I’ve gotten close to her because she is in her own world, caught up in the sensation of  the vibrator on her clit. When she finally opens her eyes she tells me how much she is enjoying herself and how she’s ready to cum for me. This makes me happy and I pull her in for another kiss while turning the vibration up on the toy. I whisper in her ear giving her permission to cum but remind her that she has to do it quietly, if she gets loud or moans i will cut it off instantly. I guess the challenge was accepted because she puts one hand on me and the other on the table while closing her eyes. Sitting next to her I can feel how strong the vibration is and know she will not last long. She cums fast and hard, her grip on my hand as tight as vice grips on a sink.

Since we are finished eating, I flag the waiter down for the check. Once the bill is paid we jump in the car to head to our next destination, again she has no clue where we are going. As I pull out of the parking lot we start talking about what she enjoyed so far tonight and what’s in store for the rest of the night. I inform her that at  the next spot we go to I won’t turn on the toy but I’m pretty sure she will still have a good time. She looks a little disappointed but I also sense that she trusts me and is willing to just enjoy the ride tonight. The ride to our next destination takes about 20 mins and we vibe to Jilly from Philly all the way there. Just as Jill Scott starts to sing, Let’s take a long walk around the park after dark, we pull up to the Apache Cafe. Destination number two will be a few hours of listening to spoken word, Tonight’s event is the poetic moan room which should be a fun low key session of erotic and sexual poems. From the outside the spot doesn’t look inviting or like it’s anything going on inside but the parking lot is full. As we get out of the car she seems a little hesitant to walk inside, I reassure her it’s fine while giving her a playful tap on the ass to get moving. As we get closer to the door she can start to hear the claps and snaps of fingers. I finally let her in on where we are and what we are here for. I can tell she likes this because she didn’t know I was into this vibe but is pleasantly pleased with how this night is going.


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