Where are you located?

Atlanta, GA

Do you travel?

Yes, planning on getting a travel schedule together for late 2020 into 2021.

Do you do private scenes?

Yes we offer private photo and video sessions. Email us at contact@blktouch.com for details.

What’s the difference between Subscribing and having a Membership?

Subscribers receive email updates for new scenes and get access to the sites free content.
Members get email updates as well but also access the Premium Explicit Uncensored Content, Behind the Scene Footage, and more…

How do I Subscribe?

There’s a subscription form at the bottom of the home page. Subscribe Here

How can I be in a scene?

Easy! Just fill out the or here: Model Submissions

Do you have to have actual sex in a scene?

No, our models aren’t require to actually have sex during out scenes.

How can I support the project?

  • You can purchase a monthly members here: Member Access
  • Tell friends and family about the project.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Instagram
  • Donate to our cash app account: $blktouch
  • Contact us directly about any opportunities you think would fit the project.

How do I cancel my paid membership?

At the time of your subscription you should have received an email from receipts@epoch.com with your member ID number. Use that number and you email to cancel your subscription at epoch.com.

If you can’t find you Member ID number you can email us at contact@blktouch.com and simply ask that we cancel your membership.