…you kneel in front of me slowly shifting my skirt up and over my thighs. I can see the hunger in your eyes as each inch of flesh is revealed. I lift my ass up off the chair and you notice I’m wearing a pair of thongs. I hear you moan a little and as you go to remove them, I still your hands and open my thighs a little so you can see these are no ordinary thongs. They’re actually crotchless and you can see a tiny bit of pink peaking thru. This sends you over the top and before I can blink you’ve pushed me back in the chair, placed my legs on your shoulders and are diving in, face first. The initial contact of your mouth on my lips almost sends me into an instant orgasm

You do not let up though…kissing them one at a time and sucking my lips into your mouth. It’s almost like you’re french kissing my pussy. There’s no sound coming from me…hell I think I may have stopped breathing for a second. But it all comes rushing out as soon as you snake your tongue between my lips and lick my clit. Oh shit…this is what I’ve been missing. Immediately, I cum on your tongue. But you don’t stop, showing no mercy. I have nowhere to run so I have to stay and take the assault on my senses. I feel your fingers begin to penetrate my walls as you continue to suck on my clit. Fuck you’re massaging my g spot and I’m about to cum all over again. I try scooting back in the chair, but you use your other hand to hold me still. With my eyes closed and my head rolled back, I let go. It’s one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had. But before it is completely finished you release me, stand up and have me lean over my desk. In one move, you are balls deep in my pussy. I cum…again…on your dick. You grab me by my waist and fuck me hard and deep. All I can do is call your name…more like beg you to go deeper, harder. And you do not disappoint me..You start to slow down a bit. I look back like what’s wrong…you assure me, it’s all good, you’re just not ready to cum yet. You pull out and sit in the chair and tell me to straddle you. We kiss and I can taste myself on your lips. I ease down your dick and begin to ride you slowly. You’re gripping my ass now and I feel you slide your finger towards my asshole. You know how I like to be double penetrated. My pussy juice dripping has made the penetration easy. This gets you harder and I feel you nearing your release. I whisper in your ear…cum for me baby…come on, let it go….in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…you do just that.

Written by Janan[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]